xanax is a party drug for teenagers

xanax a party drug for teenagers

Xanax is a party drug for teenagers

Rise of Alprazolam 1mg pills Addiction  in Usa 

The anxiety these days  increasing number of people are turning to drugs like Xanax Clonazepam Diazepam Lorazepam and etizolam his are mild sedative used to treat anxiety as a way to better function in their Day to day Life.

In America, Xanax is the third most popular psychiatric drug  according to the Recent Reviews of the year 2017.

It  is considered as top five drugs used by young people But with more users, the likelihood of abuse also increases, leading some to turn to street dealers when legal prescriptions run out.

Just because this Drug is only available from Local Pharmacy with Prescription Most buyers don’t realize they’re getting something totally different than what they intended to purchase, especially when this new counterfeit it is made to look exactly like a 2 mg Xanax pill.

People who are  Addicted to it takes at least 1-2 Tablet daily and some take 4-5 tablets on Daily basis.

And it becomes of high  demands of it in teenager many people within united states became a peddler for this drug who sells this drug secretly to the users.

Xanax Addiction Becomes a trend in many developed countries paddlers supply it to teenagers in party for getting High some people take it Orally and some Snot it like Cocaine

People who are addicted to it buy it at $4-$5 per pill.

The peddler buy this  Medications in Bulk from Foreign Countries as cheap as $.50 per pill.

So selling it for them is Like Selling Hot pan Cakes making huge profit in less investment.But the Risk which they are taking is too high much because selling Control Stuff is really a big crime in every country.

Foreign Drug dealers offering Drug Buy xanax online to teenagers.

It contains Counterfeit ingredient that contain a substance linked to several deaths.

A counterfeit pill made to look like it has been popping up nationwide.

Many NGO’s through out the counties are helping people to come out of its addiction,it is  Reported Around 30% of Rehab patients are due to medications Addiction 

Pressed Xanax

It is exactly looks like the Real pill or bars just by seeing it even Experts cant predict whether it is Fake or Genuine

pressed Xanax contains 10-20% of the actual ingredient of Xanax that is Alprazolam. Some vendor have the good Quality of Xanax that may contain up to 50-80% of potency.

They are sold Locally or from online pharmacy without prescription

Users don’t have any limit to buy the Drug

smallest dose is enough to cause Adverse side effects especially for them who are taking for the First time

They are manufacture in houses or places where official cant catch them.

Tablets are not even FDA approved neither any Lab test is done of it

They are some underground lab manufacturer who even makes Counterfeit Pfizer-brand Xanax

They make the Exact look a like Blister of the name Brand Xanax and also Imprint is exactly same as the original Alprazolam Tablet.

some of the popular Xanax Generic Brands are GG249 ONAX Alprax Tranax Pex 2 which are widely Sold in-grey market at a cheaper price as less that a Dollar a pill.

Available Strength in pressed Cheap Xanax bars 2mg without prescription  are 0.5mg 1mg 2mg The bars are available in Different Colours like Green Blue Red orange and many more

Original Xanax

It is only Available with the Valid prescription of Doctors

it is Maximum given 3 month Supply to the patient

Only Named Brand Manufactures the Drug like Pfizer Torrent Terrace Pharmaceuticals D.R. Johns Labs and Many more

The Company and the Dealer have to keep the Track of the Supply for At least 10 years and in the span of 10 years government official can ask for the bills of sales

The Pills are FDA approved and they are made under the guide lines of World Health Organization (WHO)

All Lab Reports are done before the stocks are ready to move in the market

Not easily Available and not every Doctor can write the prescription of it certain Professional Doctors who have the qualified Degree they can write the Prescription of it

Available Strength in the Brand Alprazolam are 0.25mg and 0.5mg.