Xanax bars

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Brand name : Onax bars
Ingredient Content : Alprazolam
Available Stengths : 2mg
Manufacturer : Onax

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Xanax, also known as Alprazolam, calms the brain and soothes the nerves when consumed, making it an effective medication for treating anxiety and panic disorders. Xanax Bars are notorious for being highly addictive, with too many cases of abuse. Xanax Bars are composed of 4 individual pieces of 2 mg each andis generally prescribed for anxiety. Xanax Bars belong to the Benzodiazepines family of drugs and is highly prescribed around the world. Xanax Bars come in white, green, and yellow colours, differing only in release time, post consumption. Although Xanax Bars have an intensely soothing effect on the nerves, it has earned a bad reputation across the world for high incidences of abuse.


The primary use for Xanax Bars is to treat Panic Disorders. Available as oral tablets, people suffering from sleeping disorders can also use Xanax Bars to relax and obtain a good night’s rest. However, it is not an antidepressant and must be taken in controlled doses to prevent withdrawal.Other nerve problems can also be alleviated with Xanax.


Xanax Dosage must be dealt with caution especially if it exceeds 4 milligrams per day. Normal dosage prescribed for anxiety disorders range between 0.25 to 0.5 milligrams, thrice a day. Special caution is advised when Xanax is prescribed for elderly people with 0.25 milligrams being the recommended dosage. Xanax Dosage must be maintained and reduced with proper supervision. The Yellow Xanax Bars are the cheapest, most popular, and most effective among the three colours since they show instant release. Green Bars have slower release time compared to the Yellow ones, and White Xanax Bars instantly show effects making them the most potent and the most dangerous.

Side Effects:

Common side effects seen with Xanax use include Drowsiness, Memory Loss, Nausea, poor coordination and concentration, loss of appetite, and libido. These symptoms may increase with use and may turn into serious side effects if the person becomes addicted. Serious side effects like Depression, Hallucinations, Urinary problems, Chest Pain, Jaundice may occur with Xanax Abuse and Overdose.


Xanax Bars interacts with Drugs like Kava and Sodium Oxybate along with medications like Antifungals, Anti-Depressants, Antibiotics, and Rifamycins to produce serious, life-threatening side effects or disorders. Xanax Bars interact with Opioid Pain Relievers, Cough Syrup, or Antihistamines and create breathing problems or severe dizziness. Xanax Bars must also never be combined with Marijuana or Alcohol.


Xanax Bars can prove to be dangerous for pregnant women, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Foetal Harm or Withdrawal may arise,thus Xanax use must be discontinued at the onset of pregnancy. The use of Xanax Bars by breastfeeding women renders children lethargic and may lead to rapid loss of weight. Driving or performing dangerous tasks under the influence of Xanax is potentially life-threatening and illegal in many countries.