Why Pharmaceutical Medications are Expensive in USA

Why Pharmaceutical Medications are Expensive in USA

Medications are the basic need in today’s world. Each one requires medicines for either purpose. There are many problems faced by people due to life has become fast and rapid. People just run behind money and do not take care of their health and than requires medicines for cure.

Every country manufactures medicine the leading country for manufacturing of medicines, since the labour cost is less and India in land of ayurvedic herbs. USA is biggest country than India and can produce medicines on large scale. Due to lots of place available and good economy. But the labour cost inn USA compared to INDIA is times more. Many herbs and ingredients are not available in USA, so need to get the herbs imported for other countries, at higher cost.

Many Packaging and other work of processing is not done in any state of USA, so that is to be done by other country. As labour, packaging and availability of herbs is less than manufacturing of medication cost is much high compare to the other country. Therefore, Medications manufactured by USA are at higher rate.

The labour for a person in India is around 120 dollars of USA but labour in USA is 3000 dollar. There is vast difference in the labour. Not only labour but also the herbs which are required are sold in USA at 5 times higher compare to India or other countries. Than requires import expenses, custom and other policies. The medicine which can be manufactured at 10 Rs in India, Same costs 5 dollars in USA. There is vast difference in GDP of both the countries.

There are many machines in companies of USA which are very big and require more energy and more money where as men’s are paid less and works for hours. This is how it saves energy as well as money. It helps in reduce manufacturing cost and can be saved at low prices. Therefore, People choose online pharmacy for buying drugs and medications to save their money at large scale. This helps the people a lot, since online companies provide all types of drugs with good quality and reasonable rate. All the information of drugs are provided in details.

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