What are the best pain relief drugs in the market

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Best pain relief drugs in the market

There are many people who use pain meds just like an everyday glass of water. Such extensive use of pain drugs has made this industry quite vulnerable, and people take pain drugs without even knowing its background. As pain relief drugs are quite common in the market, it is wiser to know which ones are the best pain relief drugs available in the market. Have a look.

According to a data survey that has been done in the year of 2013, the best pain-relief drugs that have been prescribed by most doctors are as follows.

  1. Oxycodone with acetaminophen and Oxycodone HCL
  2. Morphine Sulphate
  3. Oxycontin
  4. Tramadol
  5. Dilaudid
  6. Roxicodone
  7. Methadone
  8. Hydromorphone HCL
  9. Oxymorphone HCl
  10. Hydrocodone


This is the list of top 10 best pain relief drugs that are available in the market. However, it is recommended to use any doctor’s consult before taking any of such drugs as mentioned above. And if you are having trouble finding these best pain relief drugs on the market, you can always seek them out from the online stores. Drugstoreplanet.com has an extensive collection of different pain relief drugs, and you can get them easily, without any hassle. Happy buying!