Valium by Roche is Now Hot Selling

Valium by Roche is Now Hot Selling

What is Roche Valium?

Valium 10mg is the family member of Benzodiazepine. Valium, is brand  name for diazepam. Roche Valium is the Brand which manufactures good Quality of Diazepam. It was typically produced for its calming effect. It is used to treat conditions including anxiety, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, muscle spasm, seizures, trouble sleeping, restless legs syndrome. It is available in tablets as well as injection form. It can be taken orally or inserted by rectum. It can be injected inter muscular or inter vein. Injection effects within 5 minutes of injected. When taken orally it takes around forty minutes to effect. Other brand name is diazepam. Its biological half life is 20 hours.

History of Buy Roche Valium 

The first clinically useful BZDs was introduced in the US in 1960 named Librium. The second successful BZDs for the pharmaceutical industry was diazepam with the trade name Roche valium. It was most prescribed drug in the US, sales peaked in 1978 up to 2.3 billions of pills in a year. These medications replaced barbiturates since they have got same sedative effects and hypnotic effect. Diazepam are more  effective anxiolytic. It is told that it is lethal overdose and lower potential for abuse and dependence.

Roche Valium brief Introduction

Valium is manufactured by Roche company. It is in round shaped tablet with blue colour. The size is 9 mm, strength diazepam 10mg. on tablets it is imprinted as V on both the sides. It can only be taken on prescription by the doctor.  Caution on the box is it can’t be taken by the lacting or pregnant lady. It can be fatal for the fetous and the kid respectively.  It has been classified in schedule III drug by FDA. Roche distributes 30 thousand packets of 50 pills every month. Valium of this company is used by the all over the globe. It is most  trusted company by the people. It supplies tablets only in 10 mg.

Roche warehouse in australia produced tablets of 5 mg but due to some chemical imbalance it did  not  proved to be effective. Therefore company recalled all the vendors and expected all the packets of tablets from all the patients. So it does not cause any harm to the people. The managing director, Svend Peterson, said “I am not sure how many patients would be affected, but its important that the packets are returned and that the patients seek medical advice.” The incident took place at the distribution center. Even the worker was sacked by the company. Valium has got side effects when not used in proper  dose. It can be addictive and can have adverse effects on health when used for long  period of time.