Types of Pain Killer Medications

Types of pain killer medications

Pain killer medication are also called as opioid, used to treat pain. Opioids are Components that act on opioid receptors to provide analgesic effects. There are several types of pain killer medication available across the globe, the pain killer drugs are divided in 3 class, Class A, B and C. The pain killer drugs from class A, B and C are restricted to buy and sell without prescription over the counter or at any local pharmacy, if anyone caught while buying or selling the controlled pain killer drugs from such class can be penalized for 2 years to lifetime prison and fine in addition.
Before we go ahead and discuss about the class A and class B pain killer medications, I will like to tell you there are few other pain killer pills which will surely help you in getting rid of pain and also, they are legal to purchase over the counter or at any local pharmacy, pain killer drugs such as Tramadol, Order Carisoprodol 500mg , Neurontin, Gabapentin, Celebrex, Ibuprofen and few other drugs are completely legal to buy without prescription.
Lot of people in major countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany and few other major countries shows lot of interest in buying class B drugs and class A drugs due to the addiction towards these highly controlled and potent drugs.

Class A Drugs

Class A drugs are classified as highly controlled medications and contains narcotic ingredients and cannot be sold over the counter without prescription and complete authorization by FDA.
Drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Morphine and few others are known as class A drugs, if anyone found guilty by the court of law of possessing Class A narcotic drug, you could be penalized and sent behind the bars for up to or more than 7 years and fined in addition. In the recent years many individuals got caught while selling class A drugs and they were sent to prison

Class B Drugs

Pain killer drugs including Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Opana, Xanax, amphetamines, cannabis, Percocet and Adderall and few other controlled drugs that contains narcotic ingredients are known as Class B drugs. If any found selling the class B narcotic drugs could be penalized and sent to prison for up to 14 years or lifetime and could be fined in addition.
Lot of people are under impression that cannabis is much safer than other narcotic drugs, but if anyone found selling cannabis or weed, the police or DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) will take a serious action.