Things To Avoid While Suffering From Anxiety

Things To Avoid While Suffering From Anxiety

Everyone once in a life feels anxious or has fear due to many reasons. Some get butterflies in stomach or get nervous, this is normal. But person suffering from anxiety feels anxious and have fear or get negative thought in every situation. It should be treated. Nowadays, anxiety has become major issue over the globe. There are many drugs and medication available to treat anxiety. But with medication, one must try to get rid of this problem. It’s basically one should help their own self. Things that must be avoided while suffering from anxiety are:

1) Food:

Having simple and complete diet food. One must avoid having diet which contain lots of spices. One must not have outside food which contain lots of starch because it can make situation worse. One must avoid sugar, coffee, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, hydrogenated oil, fast food, trans  fat, high sodium foods etc. these all food have adverse effects on central nervous system and can worsen the situation.

2) Staying alone:

One must avoid staying all alone. Person suffering from anxiety must not left alone. He must be gathered with people around, because, if he is alone will start thinking on non sense things and then hurt own self. He must socialize and mingle with the persons and try to have fun.

3) Insomnia :

Sleep is the most important thing in everyone’s life. One must get sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. Person suffering from anxiety, must be taken care that he sleeps for maximum time and sleep tension free. Family members make it compulsory for person to sleep restfully for maximum time.

4) Don’t skip meals:

Person suffering from anxiety must not skip any of the meal. Instead he/ she must have proper diet and something at every two hours intervals. With proper amount of proteins, vitamin b complex and other vitamins.

5) Yoga and meditation:

One must have a proper time table and proper yoga or meditation section. It should be followed on daily basis under proper guidance and help. No excuses for this section should be tolerated. It’s compulsory and should follow religiously.

6) Medication:

Drugs and therapies should be taken from time to time. No leap or excuses for medication will be tolerated. One must very must strict with their own self. Should have complete family support in physical as well as emotional manner. Should not perform activity at faster rate.

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