Things Everyone Should Know about Anxiety

Things Everyone Should Know about Anxiety

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Anxiety in today’s world has become modern epidemic. It is mental disorder faced by everyone once in lifetime. But when it becomes disorder, it becomes difficult. Studies say that about 14% of Americans youth have this problem. It is very important to discuss the problem with your loved ones or friends before it’s too late. It is something more scarier going in mind. Few things to know about anxiety

People who are suffering from anxiety they are very good at hiding things from others. They think if they disclose things about what they are thinking, people will think them mad and take them to doctor. But this not the truth. One must share things with someone whom they can trust and have faith that person will give right suggestion to all the problems they have.

When these persons get attacks, they don’t remember what they are saying or what are their words. They are not in their sense. But when they come back to normal state, they visit the same place and start thinking what had happened or what they did at that time. When they have attack, they feel like they will die. Then they think if they die what will happen to their kids or husband or their family. They keep on thinking all negative thoughts. It’s as terrifying as it sounds.

It is like fluid. It comes back at any situation. No one can be cured out of it. It comes back at any situation making the person speechless. Person goes back to the situation from where he started. It is basically fluid, it takes the shape of the situation. Making the situation worst for the person as  well as for loved ones. It is told that “ Mental illness is fluid.” Anxiety is not triggered by particularly stressful events, it’s totally random.

Person suffering from anxiety forgets all his habits and rituals. He even forgets the habits of eating. One must not comment on the eating pattern of anyone. Either help them or just go away. Instead commenting and making that person feel ashamed of himself. The memories of panic attacks stay with the person forever making him think on it at every single moment. He cannot forget that times and again becomes sad. Mental illness is traumatic; it torches the person to great extent. Person cannot fight  back to the situations or disappear the things from his minds. What he had suffered remains with him for life time.