The Secret to Improve Your Anxiety Is Revealed

The Secret to Improve Your Anxiety Is Revealed

You might have heard the phrase “self help is the best help”. This is very correct especially in situation of mental health condition. Anxiety can be controlled by anti-anxiety medications and also by taking certain self-measures. These measures are simple and keep you motivated and produce additive affect on anxiety along with anti-anxiety medicines.

  •  Calm Yourself:

The best way to keep you focused is concentrate on breathing. You can do belly breathing to divert all your attention on breathing and avoiding any thoughts. Exhale and inhale and make sure you exhale and inhale at definite counts say you exhale on a count of 3 and inhale on a count of 4. Repeat the procedure unless your mind fully concentrates on breathing. When inhaling and exhaling your belly should move-in and move-out. An occupied mind doesn’t have any scattered thoughts. This is a sort of medication and helps you keep calm and stay relaxed.

  • Pamper Yourself:

An individual should keep oneself busy and keep calm. You can also opt for an appointment at a beauty parlor or massage center where you can sit back and relax.

  • Organise yourself:

Most often people with anxiety disorder, become more anxious when they lose their things. If you loose things anxious person develops weird thoughts and insecurities which adds to his mental tension. Organize yourself, allocate place for things. Whenever you need anything the object is on place and you can collect it.

  • Manage your finances:

One of the reasons for your anxiety can be your loans and debts. Cut down the unnecessary expenses to avoid financial tension, this can make you prey of anxiety.

  • Healthy Sleeping Habits:

Have a defined schedule. Sleep early and get up early (for an early morning walk). Insufficient sleep will make a normal person irritant and people with anxiety disorder are more prone to it. Anxious people seem to be nervous in the morning, thinking things will not be at place since one is late. Getting up early and do your chores on time. This will reduce your tension.

  • Lavender:

This agent has many beneficial properties. An anxious person can use it in bath water, add it on a pillow for a peaceful sleep, a good agent for massage and muscle relaxation and headache buster. Start using Lavender leaves in your day-to-day life.

  • Avoid Anxiety stimulant products:

Products such as Caffeine and Sugar can be responsible factors to trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Avoid these foods. Even processed foods can be responsible for anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Negative Thoughts:

Try to be optimistic about things. Negative thoughts will make the situation worst. Don’t feel that you are the only person suffering from the disease and aloof yourself from being social. Give yourself sufficient time and space. You are the creator of the negative thoughts of the positive aspects. Just analyze the situation, which makes you feel there is nothing negative to worry about.

If you feel that nothing is working out in controlling your anxious nature, better seek medical help. Visit a psychiatrist and give your honest finding to him to be the best judge of the situation. An open environment and exercise can be your best anti-anxiety medication.