The Biggest Contribution of Medicine to Humanity

The Biggest Contribution of Medicine to Humanity

Science and technology have developed so vast. Medicine is that branch which has reached to all the diseases. Medicines are divided into many branches such as aliphatic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, unani. They have developed at vast and have solutions for all diseases. Many diseases in ancient time were incurable  but today science has developed in every field. Every disease can be cured and even prevented.

The diseases such as chicken pox, measles, and mumps can be prevented by vaccination. There are various vaccination given to new born baby till several years. Even female child can be saved from cervical cancer. The vaccination of cervical cancer is also available. “Prevention is better than cure,” parents must know this and take the vaccination from time to time. To safe their child from various diseases and suffering.

There are lot of medicines for various diseases like cancer, AIDs, HIV, etc. in ancient time, these diseases where incurable and patient was allowed to die. But in today’s time, medicinal branch have progressed a lot and found solution for all diseases. There are various types of test available to confirm that person is facing from what diseases and at what level. There are many other things which are helpful for the people.

Jaundice in new born baby can be treated with photo therapy. Cancer can be treated with chemotherapy. There are many therapies available for different diseases. Even heart attack or heart diseases have got solution. It have found key to every lock. Tuberculosis or leprosy was told to be untouchably diseases. Medicines have found a right path to these diseases and have saved life of people from danger situation. There are even medicines for mental illness.

The biggest contribution of medicine is that it have helped to overcome from danger diseases and also helped in mental illness. Medicines have helped man a lot and today each and everyone needs medicinal help. Everyone is facing some or other problem. Medicines have paved a way for good and healthy life. It has given a hope of light to live the life. Even to those patients who had no hope for life. It has given those new dreams and new hope to live. People have got much beneficial from medicines and solutions to all problems.