Testosterone Helps in Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone Helps in Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is the male hormone, secreted by reproductive system. It is used for the production of sperm i.e. male reproductive cell. It can be used if one has got deficiency of it. Taking testosterone without having any problem does not show any effect. Erectile dysfunction cannot be improved by testosterone. This problem is due to low blood circulation in the veins of penis. A male faces this problem due blood flow not because of testosterone.

Most men face the problem of erectile dysfunction or ED. This is when can’t firm enough for sexual intercourse. ED is not the reason of testosterone. It is due to blood flow in penis which can be due to hardening of arteries, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. These situations narrow the blood vessels and it makes difficult for blood to flow in certain parts. Specially penis in males and causes ED.

Testosterone online in usa  goes on decreasing after the age of 50. Low level can affect the desire of sex but does not affect ED. If the male facing erectile problem for more than three months, must speak to his doctor. Doctor might ask certain physical question and ask for certain tests which measures testosterone level and can help to know the level. Low testosterone symptoms are low desire of sex, hair fall, muscles shrink, growth of breast, less hair growth in puberty area, etc.

Testosterone is available in gel, skin patch or injection. It should be taken only and only if doctors prescribe. High testosterone can cause side effects such as natural process of it gets inhibit which after stopping can cause infertility, it can affect the body parts such as liver, heart, kidney. It can cause defects to other parts. It is fatal to take this without the need of it. Taking any hormone in access can cause damage to body parts and effects are much severe.

Overuse of testosterone can be fatal. When male uses it he should not come in contact with female or children. Since it can be transmitted to them while using gel or skin patch. It should be used wisely and safely or can shoe side effects to others. It should be kept as safe place. Overuse or using it without need can cause damage to body parts. Not only testosterone but any kind of medications should be used wisely with doctor’s concern.