Symptoms That You Can Suffer from Anxiety

Symptoms That You Can Suffer from Anxiety

Anxiety in today’s  world have became a serious issue. It is effecting lakhs of people. And the number goes on increasing day by day. Is declared as “ anxiety is modern epidemic”.  There are lots of medicine and even doctors working to sort this problem and other mental disorders. Anxiety disorders are different from person to person. There are many symptoms of anxiety. They are group of mental illness and distress they cause can keep you carrying on with your family normally.

Anti Anxiety Medication is classified in various groups according to the situation of the person. All anxiety disorders share general symptoms. They are panic, fear, uneasiness, over thinking, sleep problems, not being calm, unstable, high rate  breathing, palpitation, high heart rate, cold, sweaty, numb or tingling hands or feet, shortness of breath, dry mouth, nausea, tense muscles, dizziness.

Anxiety is not single diseases. It brings altogether a bunch of disorders  mentally as well as physically.  Person gets frustrated with the things going throughout the body. He starts thinking negative on every situations and have the feeling to die. Researcher’s don’t know exactly what brings on anxiety disorders. Like other forms of mental illness, they stem from a combination of things, including changes in brain and environmental stress and even genes. The disorders can ruin personal, social and emotional life of the person. The disorders run in families and could be linked to faulty circuits in the brain, that control fear and other emotions.

There are many therapies which can help to overcome anxiety disorders. With medicines  one must try to take therapies. The vast majority of the controlled research is devoted to cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and it shows it effectiveness and efficiency in all the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder. Relaxation, psychnalytic therapies, rogerian non directive therapy, hypnotherapy and supportive therapy were examined in few controlled studies, which preclude and definite conclusion about their effectiveness. There are various other therapies tried by the doctors. It really helps the patient to get rid of the anxiety and other mental disorders.

Anxiety with taking medications can be self controlled from person to person. The person suffering from it, needs the family support and need to be very strong. There are many home remedies which can be done to get rid of anxiety. It is tough but with family support, love and care it is very easy to chase the anxiety. All the medications of anxiety in either way show some or the other side effects to the human body. Even person gets addicted to it and may even abuse these drugs.