Studies Say’s That Every Individual Gets Anxiety

7 signs of anxiety suffering

Anxiety is an incredibly common mental health disorder all over the globe. It is said that it can be brush off as something that is in individual’s control. Person suffering from anxiety doesn’t like the comments such stop being negative, stay calm, don’t think too much. Brain and behavior, a new book by the University of Cambridge to make the awareness of disorders and give the right path to prevent and cure it.

Women are likely to have anxiety higher than that of men. As women have got many issues regarding her health. She gets menarche, there are changes in her body and then every month she faces same problem. After marriage, life changes physically, mentally, emotionally. She needs support from her husband and family. She needs love and care. She doesn’t get what she expected or desires. She develops to think on herself without sharing with anyone and then give rise to anxiety. Her body faces many hormonal changes due to sex, pregnancy, lactation and it develops higher risk of anxiety. According to anxiety and depression association of America (ADAA) women are twice likely to have an anxiety disorders as men. This is because of brain chemistry and hormonal fluctuations.

Anxiety is the modern epidemic whether it is men or women. Everyone has got tendency to think and not get suffice with what they have. People always keep thinking what they don’t have and keep complaining. There are an estimated 8.2 million cases in the UK with adults of the age group 35, suffering from anxiety. It is common at the age group of 35, than the old age people. The people who are suffering from cancer, stroke and multiple sclerosis have higher chance of experiencing symptoms of anxiety. It is such worse that suicide cases are increasing day by day. People just don’t think that life is such beautiful, if there are problems can be discussed and sorted. They just don’t want to speak to anyone and then get the worse situations.

Symptoms of anxiety include feeling of dread, muscular tension, sweating and avoidance of social situations. Around 4% people in the globe are affected by the worse effects of anxiety. It is dangerous and lead on the wrong path. People should avoid thinking negative, as soon as negative thoughts come, one should try to pray god, or get engaged in something of their choice. In today’s world, people are not sad with their own problems, they are sad with others happiness.