Seven Fascinating Facts About Anxiety

Seven Fascinating Facts About Anxiety

Anxiety is most common mental disorder in the states of U.S. it is affecting nearly 40 million adults, according to National  Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). About 18% of the population is facing this problem. Not only in U.S. But all around the globe  people on large scale are facing the problem of anxiety.  One likely reason for this problem is stigma surrounding mental health. Due to this stigma, many suffers from mental concerns and may lack social support. They become isolated and carry low esteem. Anxiety has become a modern epidemic. It is affecting many people around the globe.

1) There are 6 main types of anxiety disorders:

Anxiety breaks down in to six categories. Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD), panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, social phobias and post traumatic stress disorder. Symptoms vary according to the specific types of anxiety. But in most cases, people who suffer from them often feel “on edge” or nervous, experience insomnia and shortness of breath.

2) Anti Anxiety Medication  is more prevalent in the developed countries:

The U.S. is considered one of the most anxious nation on the globe. There are more women affected than men.

3) About half of the people suffer from depression who have anxiety:

It becomes difficult for person to get back to normal stage. As he suffers from two mental disorders and recovery becomes difficult. The symptoms also worsen.

4) Anxiety makes everything stink:

People suffering from anxiety disorders feels everything as bad smells, even the neutral smell. It is that there olfactory system gets activated very soon. But when person become anxious emotional system becomes part of the olfactory processing stream.

5) There are natural remedies to fight anxiety:

As little as 2o minutes of exercise can help person feel relax and helps body to fight. Meditation is another remedy to fight anxiety disorders. Around 39% anxiety disorders can be treated by meditation. Healthy diet such as omega-3 fatty acids, pro  biotics and vitamin B complex can help person to great extent.

6) Genetics play a role in anxiety: 

If one or both the parents are suffering from anxiety, it is great  possibility of child to suffer from it. Mostly genetics and mainly environment plays important role. People who gone through hard times or sudden death of their loved ones, are tend to develop anxiety disorders.

7) Anxious people are more sensitive:

The people suffering from anxiety disorder, will get emotional at very small things. Even at the time of joke, they might take it seriously and might even hurt their selves. They over think on topics and jump to the conclusions. They may lead to conflicts and tensions in relationships.