Abusing Over The Counter Drugs


Abusing Over The Counter Drugs

What is OTC Medications?

Over the counter drugs (OCT) are the medicines which are available at drugstores and supermarket without prescription.These drugs are typically safe if taken in proper dosage and proper particular reason. It is wrong to take medicines which are illegal or which need prescription compulsory.Although people successfully treat short-term insomnia with sleeping pills many become dependent on them. Person makes his own loss by taking any medicines. It can harm body physically as well as mentally. OTC drugs still pose a risk for developing an addiction.

OTC drugs can be used for mild problem such as mild pain, motion, fever, etc. medicines even for such problems should not be taken for prolonged  period without doctor’s concern. Abusing OTC drugs can lead to health problems including memory loss, kidney failure, heart problems and even death. Commonly abused OTC drugs are cough medicines, motion sickness pills and pain relievers.

Why OTC Medicine Abuse?

OTC(Over the counter) drug abuse occurs when someone misuses an over the counter drug.Taking any medications without doctor’s concern is like putting yourself in problem. Some abuse OTC drugs to self medication for mental illness like anxiety ,panic attack and depression. Abusing these medications can also give users a europhic ‘high’ or hallucinations. Someone abusing OTC drugs might move on to more dangerous or illicit drugs in search of a better high.

Common symptoms of OTC drug withdrawal include confusion, hostility, anxiety,depression, mood changes, etc. OTC drugs causes addiction. It becomes difficult to learn the addiction is through which drug. OTC drugs like Tylenol and various cough medicines don’t carry the same dangerous images as illicit drugs like heroin. Some of the signs of an OTC drug addiction include continuing to use the drugs despite known consequences and spending an excessive amount of time or money using or getting them.

OTC drugs are not all prescribed the doctor. Common  man does not even know the content of the medicine. If it was so easy to get rid of diseases and medicines, there is no need of doctor or no one would become a doctor. There are many criteria’s to understand and known by the doctor. Before taking any of the medicine for any reason on must be very sure about it or take doctor’s concern. It is beneficial and a wise decision.

In 2005, the FDA issued a warning about dextramethorphan abuse after a series of incidence caused by the drug. Approximately, 3.1 million young aged 12 to 25 have used a non prescription cough and cold medication to high. About 4 percent of 12th graders have abused some form of cough medicine.