Panic Attacks are Due to Anxiety

Panic Attacks are Due to Anxiety

Panic Attack Symptoms: Shortness of Breath, Racing Heart, & More

Panic disorders is fear of losing your very closed thing or person. There are attacks when people start imaging negative things which make him worry and tension which leads to behave abnormally. They just cry or run from one place to another and say all non sense things which lead to hyperactivity of body making one feel low or person even gets nausea or chest pain or head ache. Panic attacks are due to social anxiety disorder,  post traumatic stress disorder, drug use disorder, depression, medical problems or some fear which is set in mind and leads to negativity.

Panic attacks themselves are not physically dangerous. Panic attack is all of sudden thing one can face. Panic attacks are also known as anxiety attacks. These attacks are sudden period of intense fear which may include palpitations, sweating,  shaking, shortness of breath, numbness or feeling that something bad is going to happen. Symptoms occur within couple of minutes and lasts for 30 minutes. It may vary from person to person or according to disorder.

Narcotic can be the reason of increasing anxiety:

Person having the habit of smoking have more risk of getting panic attacks as i know depression meds used for migraines for,Even psychological stress can lead to panic attacks.These is all what leads to anxiety. Basic thing is tension, what people take. Today even 5 year old kid will say that he have tension of complaining book, reading, playing, etc. tension and over thinking on any topic leads to stress and negative imaging which ultimately give rise to panic attacks and then leads to anxiety.

People themselves can treat their selves from these problems. One must keep him or her busy in the things he adores. Should pray to god. Go in the open air and do some yoga or exercise. One must meet people outdoor and socialize and keep themselves busy.

Is sever anxiety become an epidemic in teenagers?

Being a teenager has always come with a healthy dose of angst, self-doubt, feeling misunderstood, and they are always confuse related to their future and many more.

Anxiety has become modern epidemic. Studies say that in Europe 3% of population has got the problem every year. In USA 11% of population is affected. and the person who use anxiety medicines everyday its side effects of anxiety, This problem is more common in females than males. It starts from puberty and last long. depression med used for sleep, There are medications available for such problems like anti anxiety drugs for teenager,anti anxiety medication daily use, People must cure these problems before it becomes a serious issue and ruins one social and personal life. Life partner and other family members should support the person to get back to normal life style. They must be kept happy in all possible ways and should be kept away from tension and stress.


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