Oxycodone Bought Out of United States are Fake

Oxycodone Bought Out of United States are Fake

Oxycodone is an opiod made up of a poppy plant. It is an analgesic used to cure severe moderate to severe chronic pain. It can used as single ingredient in controlled or immediate form. It can also combine with other medicines such as paracetamol, ibrufen, etc. It has got narcotic effect. It is addictive and can be abused by the people. People those who have history of drug abuse should take this drug. As every medicines have their effects and side effects too. People should use it properly in proper dosage and for proper time period. People are using it for long term and abusing it. They become habit of taking this drugs.

There are many types of medications used to cure pain. one must be very careful of medications he is buying. People must check whether the medications they bought are actually what they are in need. There are many generic medications available. Even dangerous medicines are sold. they don’t even contain active ingredient or proper ingredient what are required to cure.
Oxycodone bought out of USA is not necessarily fake but precautions must be taken.

There are many fake medicines which are sold under the name of oxycodone. Many people in Georgia got admitted due to fake oxycodone. Their was nothing difference in real tablets and duplicate one. People cannot identify the difference. These people were in life threaten situation for over two days. Every patient revealed that they believed that pills bought from street were Percocet pills.
Patients never expected such drastic situations. It was nothing but amalgam of substance which was never seen before in Georgia. It was combined with other drugs, including U-47700, a synthetic opiod. Many patients situation was so severe inspite of trying each and every possible way, doctor’s could not save them and death took them away.

Fentanyl, another drug which is sold in place of oxycodone. Same in colour, shape and size. Also as 30 imprinted that of oxycodone. It is sold on the streets of the country. This drug is much dangerous. It have got same affect as heroine and morphine. People are taking this drug due to cheaper price but they put their life on stake. People must follow proper prescription and doctor’s advice before taking any other alternative medicines. One must cross check with doctor about the prescribed medicines. Take proper medications for proper time period and according to prescription.

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