Onax 2MG Bars Do Not Have 100% Potency

Onax 2MG Bars Do Not Have 100% Potency

Onax is the drug which is found in the oceans of Pakistan. It is exported from their. Onax is basically a generic drug of xanax. It contains 2mg of alprazolam alprazolam is the family member of benzo diazepine. It is used for panic attacks, depression, anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms, etc. it works same as xanax. It is very cheaper than xanax. It is rectangular bars in white colour.

Xanax and all the benzo diazepine has got bitter taste but onax has got taste of chalk. It does not have potency that of xanax. It not trusted drug. It is not licensed by FDA. The active contents of the onax are not known to any one.  It not approved by government of US. Therefore, it is banned in all the countries of US. People mostly don’t use these onax drugs. It is not prescribed by the doctor. When onax bars are broken they divide into four pieces. They can’t be chorused.

Patients must not use these drugs without doctor’s prescription. These drug have got much side effects. Before taking generic medicine such as onax. People must be careful just running after discount . before knowing about any drugs it should not be bought. They have got much side effects such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, irritability, mood swings, sleep walking, etc. it even  sometimes show negative effect.

Generic medicine do not contain all active ingredients. They slower down the heart beat, breathing which can be fatal and can even cause death. Liver disorders and kidney patient should  never try generic or cheaper medicine. Lacting mothers and pregnant lady should avoid branded medicines so they should never ever think to take generic medicine. Onax  2mg bars does not contain proper content and can only replaced xanax. If only doctor’s prescribed and doctor’s permission. People must be careful before buying such drugs.

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