Anxiety in today’s world has become a serious issue. It is affecting lakhs of people. And the number goes on increasing day by day. Is declared as “anxiety is modern epidemic”.  There are lots of medicine and even doctors working to sort this problem and other mental disorders.

There are many therapies which can help to overcome anxiety disorders. With medicines one must try to take therapies. The vast majority of the controlled research is devoted to cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and it shows it effectiveness and efficiency in all the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder. Relaxation, psychnalytic therapies, rogerian non directive therapy, hypnotherapy and supportive therapy were examined in few controlled studies, which preclude and definite conclusion about their effectiveness. There are various other therapies tried by the doctors. It really helps the patient to get rid of the anxiety and other mental disorders.

There is much other way where people can try to protect their self. One must keep themselves busy with work. One can socialize and mingle around. One can do yoga and meditation and try to stop negative thoughts. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), CBT was better than psychoanalytic therapy in generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Uncontrolled studies of psycho surgery techniques for intractable OCD demonstrated a limited success and detrimental side effects.

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The bulk of research is devoted to behaviour therapy (BT) and more recently to cognitive therapy (CT) methods. Both BT and CT techniques are used in combination by the vast majority of clinics and researchers under the label of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Relaxation methods have been used as the main technique in anxiety disorders or studied as controlled condition in some randomized controlled train (RCTs).

There are many medicines available in the market both original as well as generic. But the course for anxiety disorders is for long term and use of use of medicines for longer time shows some or the other side effects in any way. One can take medicines and therapies simultaneously to get rid of the problem.  Anti Anxiety medication can’t be stopped in between  otherwise the situation can worsen. So instead of taking medicines  one must go for therapies. It helps to get rid of problem and also hardly have some side effects. One must be wise enough to take decision from what he can be cured and live a better life. Family support is the most important to overcome from anxiety or any other mental disorders.