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Brand name : Nitravet
Ingredient Content : Nitrazepam
Available Strengths: 10mg
Manufacturer: Anglo-french drugs

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What is Generic Nitrazepam 10mg ?

Nitrazepam is a professionally prescribed prescription drug that passes by the brand name Mogadon. It commonly comes in tablet and capsule formation and is a kind of solution called a benzodiazepine. The essential utilization of this pharmaceutical is to treat individuals who experience the ill effects of extreme types of sleeping disorder.
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Possible side effect of Nitrazepam

There are few side effect you may face while consuming nitrazepam such as Feeling drowsiness and light head after consuming medicine, you will feel low alertness and some sort of confusion in mind, possibly emotions are numbed along with visual issues such as dual vision and blurring of vision, shaky moments and unusual walk, loss of memory and weakening of muscles in various body parts.
You may experice regular side effects such as headache , dizziness and skin rashes which is very normal in the initial stage of consuming this medicine. An individual may also face problems considering diarrhea , nausea , constipation and vomiting and low blood pressure.

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