Medicines Can Be Bought Through Bitcoins or Not

Medicines Can Be Bought Through Bitcoins or Not

Bitcoin is crypto currency used to pay instead of cash. It is like pay pal but not at all safe. Basically it is e- money which can be paid through computer servers. It is digital currency which is widely used by the people to transfer from one account to another without other person knowing about the transaction. In bitcoin wallets, government does not get the record of money. It is not a secret or private as proponents would like it.

Buying products which are illegal or found to be embarrassing can be bought by bitcoins. It is basically used by black marketers and illegal companies. This is used on the underground website silk road. It was shut by FBI due to some scams and wrong way use by the people. There is set limit for bitcoins to be used up, at certain limit. Its owners and proper tier were also arrested by FBI. There are many people who deposit their money in bitcoins and then get shuttered. Basically it is used by terrorist, drug suppliers and illegal marketers.

Botcoins is not for local people who earn their money with lots of struggle. It is not at all safe, legal suppliers and pharmacy would never accept bitcoins. It would help one who is drug addicted. Drugs are effective as well as defective, which causes harm to the body. People just gets addiction of it. Bitcoins is used to buy war products such as guns, gun parts, riffles, weapons and drugs, which are illegal.

Everything bought on bitcoins should be in large quantity say 5kg or more. Cocaine, morphine are the addictive drugs, they don’t have any effective work in human body. They are harmful and cause damage. These can be bought on bitcoins and in large quantity. There are merchants who do this. They help underground Silk Road or deep web. These are the sites accessible only via the tor protocols. There are many scams related bitcoins. These can’t be used by local people.
Medicines can never be bought through bitcoins. They might give medicines with wrong content or with harmful content. It is just destructive. It is not legal and also has adverse effects on the economy of country. People must never use such sites. To safeguard nation and stop illegal activities and safe the teens all over the globe. Even terrorism can be stopped.

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