Which medication keeps you awake?

Wakefulness is very necessary:  one cannot sleep for day as well night. If one has problem of sleeping for more time. It must be cured. Wakefulness drugs or agents are known as “Eugeroic”. These are class of drugs that promotes wakefulness and alertness. They are medically used for the treatment of certain sleep disorders, daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy or obstructive sleep Apnea (OSA). They have low potency of addiction.

What Is The Legal Status Of Modafinil In USA

Modafinil is the drug used for wakefulness. modafinil anxiety treatment, modafinil interactions with other drugs, It is prototypical “Eugeroic”. There are many other drugs; they are classified in the class adrafinil pills and armodafinil. They work on dopamine reuptake inhibitors. Modafinil 200mg or Provigil 200mg have the same mechanism of action; therefore it is prodrug of Modafinil. Provigil helps to reduce anxiety, It is sold under the brand name, Provigil. It can be taken orally, can provigil help with anxiety, It is tablet form. It was approved by FDA in 1998.

It is mostly used by the army people, all over the globe. It is a best alternative to amphetamine. It is mostly used in combat situations or lightly missions where troop need to awake all the time. Indian Air force has announced to include modafinil in contingency plans. New patients are not entertained without proper medical history or prescription from proper medical practitioner. It is also used by astronauts, when they are on long term mission; it was reported by Canadian Medical Association.

There are many generic drugs; which are easily available to the needy one. They are at cheap rate with same property and strength. It is available in the strength of 200mg. it can be taken once daily; not to exceed than 400mg in a day. Most preferred generic drugs are modalert. Modalert, id manufactured by Sun Pharma Ltd of strength 200mg. It is strip of ten tablets available at medical store and online pharmacy on prescription. It is very cheap as compared to modafinil, at just Rs 191.

There are many other companies manufacturing modafinil generic drugs. Modapro manufactured by Cipla Limited, in the form tablet. modatec (200mg), again by Cipla. Modfil(100mg) by Psyco Remedies. Provake, by Ranbaxy Laboratories ltd. The list does not end. There are many drugs available in market with same formula. One can buy online drugs from drugs store plant, it is safe and ISO established website. It also provides with many options for the customers and help them with all the queries. The pharmacy is such that it suits one’s pocket. There are many other drugs available, one can visit and know more.