Learn How Can You Improved Anxiety ?

Learn How Can You Improved Anxiety

Anxiety is mental illness. But it makes the body empty. It makes the house. It is like termite eat slowly and makes it empty. It is not secret that it affects emotional mental and physical life of the person. It is so danger that brain looses the ability to take in new things or process and store the information. Before it is too late it should be removed for the tip of the root. There are many medications available. But one should also try or know some natural and good things.

Person suffering from anxiety should get full family support emotionally as well as mentally. Person needs love to overcome this problem. Family members must go to the root of the problem and try to solve that problem helping the person to live a normal and good  life. Person  her must write down the event for the whole day and try to justify what is the problem that gives rise to anxiety.

Person must play games with his own mind i.e. as soon as negative thought arise. Person must ask his brain no these all is fake. It can’t be such, etc one must take mindfulness training. This can be done by the person himself. It helps anxiety a lot and helps to live better lifestyle. Study from researches at the University of Cambridge found that mindfulness training can be particular useful in supporting students who are at higher risk of anxiety.

Person suffering must take support of family and friends instead of being alone and fighting. Family and friends play important role and help a lot. One must not sit ideal. She/he must be engage in the work likes. One must go out in open air, do some exercise or socialize with friends and family and have fun. This can be easy and prove a great path to get back good and new life.

Mind and body are connected to each other. If something goes wrong in any part other is also going to suffer when person is in anxiety stage he must have good healthy diet. Must sleep for more than 8 hours and that took a proper sound sleep. One must keeps the body neat and clean. One must drink plenty of water and do exercise regularly. Anxiety can be fought by own self but if family and friends give support. It becomes easy for one to overcome this situation and live a good healthy life forever.