Is Soma and Tramadol are Same ?


Soma and tramadol both are used as analgesic. They are used to cure severe acute to severe chronic pain. it is mostly used by the patients after major surgeries, accidents or major diseases like cancer, stroke, etc. they have been categorized in schedule IV by FDA in USA.
Soma is same as barbiturates. It actually blocks the sensation between the brain and nerve so people feels relax and sleeps. Whereas tramadol just make relax from pain. both the drugs have got same effect on the body just mechanism differs. Tramadol and soma can’t be used together since they will interact with each other and have adverse effects on the body and can even prove to be fatal. Tramadol in US was declared to be used in controlled form.

Soma also helps in erectile dysfunction and as somlence. Both the drugs have got addictive property. Even person’s psychology gets depended on the drug. Soma or tramadol should not be used for long time. It should not stop all of sudden. It should be tapered and then stopped. There is law in USA, people can’t buy these drugs without prescription and can only take drugs 6 times on a prescription.

Patients with liver or kidney disorders should not take these drugs. Person on dialysis can prove to be fatal with these drugs. Pain killers are not at all good. Person must try to avoid taking any medications without doctor’s concern. Pregnant lady and nursing mother should not take this drugs it will affect unborn baby and the nursing kid respectively.

There are many side effects on human body. These drugs are addictive. People use it for recreational use. Which have adverse effects on health. It can be fatal or even cause death. Common side effects of these drugs are vomiting, nausea, irritability, mood swings, dizziness, constipation, etc. serious side effects can be soaring of lips, ulceration of mouth, increases of breathing rate which leads in increase of heart rate and cause heart attack or severe heart disease which also can lead to death. There are many other side effects which can harm the human body. Many of the people get admitted due to overuse of these drugs. Many even died. People use it in wrong way and put their lives on risk. Before taking any drug on must concern doctor and also know about the drug.

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