Is Soma and Tramadol are Same ?


Soma and tramadol are used as an analgesic to cure moderate to severe and chronic pain. They are mostly used by the patients who have undergone major surgeries, accidents or affected by major diseases like cancer, stroke, etc. Both are categorized in schedule IV by the FDA in the USA. Soma is prescribed for muscle spasm and nocturnal leg cramps while Tramadol is a potent pain reliever of a higher degree. Soma side-effects are drowsiness and sedative while Tramadol side-effects are pruritus, agitation, anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, hallucination, nausea, tremor, vomiting, and diaphoresis. Soma is available in oral tablet form, whereas Tramadol is available in Oral capsule, extended-release, Oral tablet, Oral tablet, extended-release, and patches.

Buy Cheap Soma 500mg

Soma 500mg is very effective for musculoskeletal pain and comes in 30 tablets strip with a size of 250mg each tablet. Tramadol is available in 6 tablets a quantity of 50mg each and goes up to 300mg. Both are available in their generic forms at a very competitive price. Tramadol, however, is more potent than Soma when it comes to treating surgical or cancer pains. Soma is the same as barbiturates. Both opioids work by blocking the sensation transmitted between the brain and nerve so that people do not feel the pain and sleep. The opioids, Tramadol and Soma, act as a tranquilizer, make you relax and feel better by creating euphoria.

Can Tramadol and Soma used together

Avoid using Tramadol and soma together since they will interact with each other and will have an adverse effect on the body and can even prove to be fatal. Tramadol 50mg in the US was declared to be used in a controlled substance form. Soma 500mg also helps in erectile dysfunction and as somnolence. Both the drugs have got addictive property. Even a person’s psychological state is determined by the ingredients in the drugs. Soma or tramadol should be used for a shorter period to avoid abuse and not to be stopped all of a sudden. It should be tapered gradually in decreasing quantity and withdrawn completely. As per the law in the USA, these drugs cannot be bought without a prescription. After an administration for 6 times from the prescription date, for further purchase and consumption, you need to renew the prescription.

When to use and not To Use a Pain Killer

Patients with liver or kidney disorders should not take these drugs. A person on dialysis should refrain from the consumption of these drugs as it could be life-threatening. A person must try to avoid taking any opioid medications without a doctor’s prescription. Pregnant lady and nursing mothers should not take these drugs as it will affect both, the child in the womb and the nursing kid. Since these drugs are addictive, people use or order tramadol 50mg pill for recreational purpose, which will have adverse effects on their health? It can be fatal and cause premature death. Common side effects of these drugs are vomiting, nausea, irritability, mood swings, dizziness, constipation, etc. serious side effects can be soaring of lips, ulceration of the mouth, increases of breathing and heart rate and result into a heart attack or severe heart disease. There are many other side effects that can harm the patient. Many get admitted due to the overuse of these drugs and eventually died. People use it in the wrong way and put their lives on risk. Before taking these drugs one must consult a doctor.