Is Soma 500MG Tablets Comes Under Control Category ?

Is Soma 500MG Tablets Comes Under Control Category

Soma 500mg is the brand name of the drug carisoprodol. This drug is marketed since 1959. It comes in carbomate class. It centrally act as skeletal muscle relaxant. It has same effects as barbiturates. It is related to meprobramate both pharmalogically and structurally. It’s biological half life is two hours. Its action starts very rapidly after intake.

Soma 500mg is used as analgesic. It helps to get rid of acute to severe pain. it is used when person has suffered from accident or gone through major surgery or even pain due to cancer or stroke. It is also used as anxiolysis. It is the best muscle relaxant and also reliefs from hypertonic. It also helps in erectile hyper function, making one’s sex life enjoyable and good. It as also used as somnolence. Basically, it blocks the pain sensations between the nerve and brain making one feel relax from the pain. Dosage of soma is one tablet thrice a day. It should not be used for long period of time. Should be used only for two or three weeks. Long time use can be harmful to the body.
As pain o soma 500mg acts same as barbiturates it can be addictive. Overuse or abuse of these drugs can be fatal. It is listed in schedule IV drug by FDA in US. Person who has history of drug abuse or addiction should not take these drugs. People should not give medicines to anyone else without doctor’s prescription or doctor’s concern. Person using this drug should not stop suddenly after using it for long time. It can have adverse effects on health. These medicines should be tapered and then stop slowly it should be stopped. There is nothing known for pregnant lady but should concern doctor before taking it. Breast feeding mother should not take this drug since it will go in milk and can be fatal for baby.

Side effects of soma in common are drowsiness, sedation, dizziness, head ache. It shows effects on health but there are unwanted effects on the body such as black, tary stools, chest pain. Person may even go through high chills and cold sweats. Person taking these drugs can face irregular pulse rate which affect heart and can cause death. Irregular pattern of breathing, painful or difficult urination, ulcers of lips, etc. people with liver and kidney disorder should not take such medicines. One should avoid overuse of such drugs and abuse of these drugs.