Is Prescription Needed to Buy Medicines Online

Is prescription needed to buy medicines online

Medication can be bought through medicals online stores. But it is better to have a proper prescription from a reputed doctor. Person taking medication only for normal illness say fever or headache is normal but taking heavy medicines for major diseases without prescription and doctor consult risk may have adverse effects on health.

Buying  medication online is good idea since person can get  at their door step without going anywhere with lot of options such as cash on delivery, bulk orders,etc.Medication need prescription because even online company are not real. There are fake companies giving wrong medication or generic medications which are not licensed and illegal. Person must have all the information about medication and company they are buying medicines. There are certain medication which are not bought without prescription even at normal chemist such as sedative pills, sleep inducing pills, etc.

There is an organizer known as MEB.Which determines what medicines need a prescription of registered doctor. Even online companies ask to upload the prescription and they check whether the prescription is real and prescribed by the well registered doctor. The MEB deems prescriptions and actually examines whether patient is actually in need of medications or not. There are fake companies which give good amount of discount and sell the wrong medicines and which side effects on the body and adverse effects.

The drugs which categorized in schedule III and IV by FDA. Should be bought with prescription and taken according to the dosage under the doctor’s guidance. The medication which is taken for anxiety, depression, sleep inducing pills and major diseases such as cancer, heart disorders, strokes, liver disorders, etc should be taken with doctor’s consultation from time to time. Because long use of any medication can cause adverse side effects on health..

Prescription is must, actually a primary need for taking medication even online. Medicinal company should be strict with prescription. They should first check prescription and need of medicines by patient. Even patient should be protective because this is for their safety. Medicines also have side effects so without knowing that it can be adverse on health and in many cases can be fatal. “ Prevention is better than cure.”

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