Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Anxiety

Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Anxiety

Anxiety in today’s world has become a very serious issue. Every third person has got this problem. There are several medications proposed to get rid of this problem. Many medicines are scheduled drug and are used to cure. Anxiety is prevalent condition that does not discriminate by age, gender, ethnicity or culture. It is common and develops from the uniqueness of an individual’s brain, thoughts and experiences. Anxiety can be controlled by other ways. The innovative approaches to anxiety are:-


It is a mobile app. It helps a lot for the most predominant mental health diagnosis  in United States. It helps people to live healthier lives by using therapeutic technology. Pacifica in corporate principle of cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation and wellness to break the cycle of anxiety. As well as it helps users to achieve the real results what they were in search from years. This innovative app is one to watch as it helps users combat their anxiety.

Pala linq

Studies say that people using medication for anxiety face various other problems. Over 23 million American are addicted to the drugs which also have side effects to the body. People also abuse drugs without knowing its side effects. Pala linq is also a the on-the-go mobile app with wearable and web components. It provides support to people who are addicted to drug or abuse of drug. It is helping them to recover from this all problem with helping anxiety to control. The principle of this app is to recover from drug addiction and take them out of this situation. It TED talks, also spoke on this.


It is the device which can detect the emotions of the person. It is woren on  belt and bra. It detects the mood and send notifications on the mobile. It also helps to make the good and enjoyable 50% of anxiety can be cured. It give suggestion what a person must do when he is upset or in depression. It works a lot.

Fisher Wallace stimulator

This is also a innovative device known as Fisher Wallace Simulator. It is neuro stimulation device which help to overcome depression, stress and anxiety. This device is approved by FDA. According to pilot study, this device also helps in bipolar depression. This device is like hair band which is placed on the head. It stimulates the brain to release serotonin and dopamine, this are the hormones which reduces depression and stress. It also increases feeling of happiness. It can be used at home, just sitting at home and engage in neuro stimulation therapy. This helps people naturally to overcome anxiety without any medications.