India is Hub of Generic Medicines

India is Hub of Generic Medicines

India has become global exporter of generic medicines. Generic medicines are made with intention that everyone can get medicines at proper rate. Even people with small salary can take medications and Improve their health. The cost of pharmaceuticals, has been rising worldwide. This is what resulted to produce generic medicines so that everyone can access to essential medicines.

Though, India has become a global hub of generic medicines, the expected benefits are not translating to ordinary people because of branded generics. Unbranded generics are not finding their way in to prescription due to people’s confidence and perception. Though generic medicines are same and efficient as that of branded one. But people do not trust them. It also helps in the economy of country.

World health organization (WHO) tested unbranded generic medicines in Health Action International (HAI) tool reviewed that they are efficient as the branded drugs and can be used primarily and on family practice. They are more cheaper and can be easily available. Pathan amithitta district of Kerala state, is the solely of generic medicines.  WHO- HAI tool when analyzed  reviewed  that only 73.3%  drug availability  at the community pharmacy. Which can be saved for the final consumer up to 93.1%.

The world health organization (WHO) estimates that almost 30% people lack the essential medication which can raise up to 50% in year. In countries of Asia and Africa, cost the factor which makes people not to buy painkiller medications and then hampers the health which is also proving to be fatal or than people need to spend more money. Generic medicines are produced just to help the needy and it also effects the GDP of the country. People will save money and can improve their lives.

The need of medications is increasing day by day. People are spending more than half of salary on  medicines. Even developed countries should use generic medicines. People can benefit and save their money. It is actually for one who cannot spend money on medicines and ruin their life. India is the hub of generic medicines but very few people are aware of such drugs and use it. Generic medications are checked in laboratories and are as safe as branded one. After only they marketed. So one can trust on them and save money. This will also effect to improve the economy of country. One can save money and use it were required. Poor will not die because of higher rate of medications.