Human Growth Hormone Helps in Ageing

Human Growth Hormone Helps in Ageing

Human beings are creation of god. God have provided each and every thing that body requires within the body. There are many hormones for each and every function present in the body. Growth hormone is secreted by pituitary gland, which is present at the base of brain. Pituitary glands holds many functions of body so it is also called manager. It starts secreting growth hormone since childhood and peaks at puberty slowly it slower downs the process. It secrets the hormone in quantity required by the body.

In today’s world everything is available. Synthesized human growth hormone(HGH) is also available. It helps in development of muscles, aging, skeletal, etc.  Human growth hormone is used by the athletics. Deficiency of growth hormone is recognized in childhood and can be given the injection of HGH by doctor for proper growth of child.

The deficiency of growth hormone in adults is not common but they use it for development of muscles or six packs. If really deficiency even adults can use the synthesized growth hormone. It also helps to cure diseases like AIDS and HIV, which is sexually transmitted diseases. It is mostly seen in adults. Adults taking growth hormone for physical development can cause damage to hypothalamus, pituitary gland or both of them together.

Adults if actually have deficiency of growth hormone need to do various blood test. Simple blood test are just not enough. After the age of 21 to 25 growth hormone process slows downs. It just help to maintain the growth and efficiency of body. Human growth hormone (HGH injection for sale in usa ) inhibits the slow process of pituitary making it fast, which can effect the human body a lot. The effects are not instant. The body faces it in old age.

The person using it for recreational purpose without doctor’s concern but with time they start looking old from their age. At certain point it shows it effect, later there is no effect on the body. But it affects the body parts. Natural process of body is also inhibited due to this which makes body feel week. After certain age, this hormone helps the body to maintain the proper growth. It does not show any changes in body just makes it efficient. Human growth hormone should be taken only prescribed by the doctor. People taking it can effect their body and can also look bigger as compared to their age. It is banned by major Olympic committee even for athletics.