How to Live a Better Life without Medication

How to Live a Better Life without Medication

People in modern world have become so week that they rely on medication for each and everything. Old age people were strong enough and used home remedies to cure from pain or anything. Technologies have developed a lot and people have become week. For each and everything people must not be depended on medications. Studies say that 80% of pain medications are supplied in USA.  Every person depends on pills either for getting slim or free from stress. We must just not take medicines to fix ourselves. Do some natural way to make life good.

  1. Eat Health Their Food

People in new world do not eat proper diet. They are just rushing for money but health is neglected. Health is more important than wealth. Healthy person can earn wealth. There is nothing in food, everything is hybrid and ripen by chemicals. But then too people must follow a correct diet. Today’s generation love to have Chinese and junk food. They forget it is not just good for health. People must not make the habit of these foodstuffs. It just gives taste to the tongue but destroys the internal organs and gives nothing.

  1. Schedule Sleep

Sleep is the ultimate protector. A person needs a sleep of 8 hours in a day. But today’s life is so busy that a person hardly sleeps for few hours. A person must get proper sound sleep. But today people while sleeping also they keep their mind working which leads to depression, stress and many other things. A person while sleeping must sleep physically and mentally too.

  1. Proper Time-Table

Today’s youth have not got any time table. They sleep at any time, wake up any time and no time for food. According to Vedas, people must wake up early i.e. before the sun rises. One must have proper diet in morning and afternoon and low diet at night time. But today, half of the population wake up late then doesn’t have breakfast. Just a cup of tea, which is very wrong and harmful to health. Today people stay awake like owls till late night and sleep at the time of wake up, inviting diseases. One must follow a proper time table of diet, sleep and then see changes in life.

  1. Love Yourself

Studies show that 1 out of 10 people in America are in depression. it leads to many other problems. The best way is love yourself i.e. stop compromise for things. People must do things what they love instead doing for someone’s praise.  People must not expect things from others. There are many things can be done instead depending on medication.

  1. Yoga and Exercise

    Yoga introduces a mindfulness so that you focus on your arrangement and how the positions truly feels in your body. A considerable measure of essential yoga stances feel extremely well-known, regardless of whether it’s been a couple of years since your last P.E. class.

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