How To Cure Depression Without Medication

How To Cure Depression Without Medication

Depression is faced by everyone in his/her life time. It can be due to some incidents or the one who was very closed to him has passed away. There are many reasons for depression, person can face in his life. Person must be very strong in such cases. The world health organization (WHO) had predicted that depression will become the second most prevalent diseases till 2020. There are many ways to overcome depression without using any medicines. The good and natural remedies to overcome depression.

People in today’s world doesn’t follow a proper diet. They eat processed food, fried food, sweetened deserts, Chinese which have good taste but doesn’t give good nutrients. Food eaten should be loaded with natural fruits, vegetables, whole food diet which is good for health and helps neurotransmitters, which are the brain messengers to control mood, energy level, appetite and several other functions. They are significantly influenced by good balanced diet. Omega- 3 foods are very good to overcome depression and treat mood disorders. One should avoid eating refined carbohydrates and sugars. Particularly, they make person feel good for the moment but, work as the drug ‘Opium’ and leads to the symptoms of depression. To overcome from depression one must take natural probiotics, it actually changes behavior and brain chemistry which ultimately reduces depression symptoms.

The natural remedy for depression is intake of vitamin D3. The best source of vitamin D3 is sun. One must have a long walk in early morning for the benefit of vitamin D3. It acts like hormone in the body and effects brain function. Adavtogen herbs are class of plants which can be used for healing stress, depression and relaxes the nervous system. Rhodiola and Ashwagandha are the two herbs which can help to overcome depression. Intake of vitamin B complex can also be helpful. Vitamin B12, mainly helps to overcome depression.

One must go in open air and do some exercise or yoga. Which will keep the physical body good as well make brain relax. Person should not sit ideal for long time, must be engaged in doing something. One must make friends and relations to be busy and socialize. One must do things what they love.  Books are the best friend, one must read good informative books or books which they love too and make relax. People do not oil their hair, should use good fragranced oil and have a great massage of head which will relax the brain and also settle down the stress. Stay life to the fullest, stay life tension free.

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