How Steroids Can Ruin Your Life

How Steroids Can Ruin Your Life

Steroids are the man-made derivatives testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone which is helps in the production of sperm (male reproductive cell).Steroids are mainly consumed by Body builders and Athletics. According to people’s mentality, Muscles and Weight can be made from Steroids.

Steroids are only known by its effect but its nasty side effects are kept in dark. Steroids use has not only become a part of the programmed but also infiltrated Gyms across the world.

When male take Steroids, natural production of testosterone goes on decreasing and balance out of whack. Slowly body stop production of testosterone which ultimately results in small testicles which have vast impact on the production of sperm and then leads to sterility. Male body turns down to be ‘Thermostat’. if person stops taking steroids then too the things are not reversible. It becomes irreversible for male to go back for the normal size of testicles and production of adrenal which supports production of sperm. The effects can last for how long a male have taken the steroid. Steroids lead in erectile dysfunction in your sex life, due to artificial testosterone. Male body contains some amount of estrogen while taking Steroids that small amount is changed to testosterone and leads to growth of breast in males.

Early symptoms of steroids are acne formation, dizziness, nausea, headache, later it affects anaphylactic shock, high blood pressure, septic shock, fetal damage, irregular menstruation, blood in urine, ulceration of stomach, damage to kidneys, lungs.  Steroids also affect on the hair growth of both male and female, even can go bald. It decreases the level of good Cholesterol (HDL) which increases the risk for heart diseases. It affects the metabolism of the liver. Any part of the body is affected, it is fatal. Steroids are risky and dangerous at any cost. Even if it is clinically proven. Steroids causes swing of moods mostly. It even causes affects on lymph system which on further goes in the stage of cancer i.e. lymphatic cancer. It also effects skin i.e. oily skin, rashes, spots on body. In women, Facial hair growth can be increased due to intake of Steroids

The department of Health and Human services (DHHS) have reported that teenagers use most the Steroids because of not knowing its side effects. According to study, 12% of boys n 2.5% of girls use Steroids. The side effects are more serious in teens because their body is not fully developed. Steroids effects physically, emotionally and as well as mentally. Just for body building or showing off muscles. Why to put precious life on stake?