How Effective Onax Bars and GG249 Are ?

How Effective Onax Bars and GG249 Are ?

Onax and GG249 are the generic medicines of xanax, i.e. alprazolam. They are manufactured at cheaper rate so can be available to the one who cannot afford to buy xanax. Generic medicines are same as the original one. But should be taken under doctor’s guidance since local people does not about the active ingredients of medicines.

Best Onax bars 2mg  are found in the Asian countries. It is said that it contains 2mg of alprazolam. It helps in depression, panic attacks, anxiety, etc since it is family member of benzodiazepines. The tablets of onax are in white colour with rectangular shape. It is much cheaper than xanax. Its active ingredient is not known to anyone. The taste differs from xanax. Xanax has got bitter taste where as onax as got chalk taste. This drug is not approved by FDA and not used in the states of USA.

GG249 is also generic medicine of xanax. It is also manufactured to help the needy. It works same as xanax. It is manufactured by Sandoz Company in India. The tablets are white in colour with sheen. The shape of tablet is rectangular with round edges and GG249 imprinted with 4 open. It size is 15mm. it has been identified that it contains 2mg of alprazolam. It used for the same effect as onax and xanax. Alprazolam has been identified as schedule IV drug by FDA in USA.

These drugs are manufactured with the goal that it can help the needy at cheaper rate. In developing countries like India people have low salary and they can spend half of the salary on the medicines. It is necessary for them to buy generic medicines. Generic medicines have some effect as the original one. Might be the capability or biological half life would differ but it helps the people to fight against the diseases.

They are effective on people and help to save money. Even these drugs are not available without prescription. Prescription is necessary.  People should also be careful and take doctor’s concern before buying medicines. People should not only run after discounts or cheaper medicines and take anything and ruin life. People should follow proper rules and regulations of the medicines to avoid its nasty side effects. Doctor should also know history about patient. These kinds of drugs as got many side effects so not be used for long period. All generic medicines are not worst or effective. But should be taken with doctor’s concern.