How Anxiety is Increasing Day By Day

How Anxiety is Increasing Day By Day

“ANXIETY” A Mental health disorder characterised by feelings of worry or fear that strong enough to interfer with one’s daily activites.

Anxiety is increasing day by day. It is mostly found in the age group between 20- 35. Anxiety is because what people expect they don’t get or what they admire

Staying lonely in the dark for long time makes one feel tired and person starts thinking this is what anxiety. In todays world people are not socilize and they like to stay alone just because of ones nature, habit,likes and dislikes. There is a saying “Free mind is always house to Devil”, it simply means when you are free it leads to negative thoughts.

Listening to sad songs, people listen to sad songs or slow music and then starts thinking and imaging and increases anxiety.  People now days eat less n drink more beverages like Tea, Coffee, etc. just to stay awake and complete their target. Coffee contains caffeine and cause high blood pressure,high heart rate,etc which is actually anxiety. In today’s world people run after money. They forget about their health. They don’t even sleep properly. Or even take eight hours sleep which lead to anxiety. People run after the schedule what they have made or what parents have set for their children’s which leads to sleepless night, depression,etc.

People nowadays keep on complaining of what they don’t have and will never thank god for what they have. They become anxious and when this leads to anxiety they don’t even realise. People don’t work on time and then then rush on end moment giving invitation to anxiety. Anti Anxiety Medication is the modern epidemic.