History of Oxycontin  Addiction

history of oxycontin Addication

History of Oxycontin  Addiction

Abuse of oxycontin in the modern world 

OxyContin is an opium-based painkiller like many other analgesics drugs that quickly became a popular prescription drug.

In 1980’s purdue pharma needed a new mode of income they decided something “that no one else had”

Purdue Pharma introduced a new drug called OxyContin in the United States in the mid 1999’s.

The effect last in the body for 12 hours, it is the only 12 hours pain pill

In the first lab study it worked for half of the patiets that is why FDA approved the drug for sale

About 80% of customer complained that the effect for oxycontin is just for 4 5 6 7 hours and they needed 12 hours effects

People were getting sweats and stomach cramps It’s like the worst flu they ever had all they use to say it they need it more

Doctor started to prescribe Oxycontin for Shorter durations like 6 to 8 hours and people use to take multiple Dosages in a day and that caused the Addiction to them

Then purdue brought Higher Dosage in the market to make his commitment come true of 12 hours pill and to withdraw the stronger Dosage people have to go through worse Side effects

It’s also one of the most abused pharmaceuticals in modern history

It’s widely blamed for setting off the united nation’s Prescription drug epidemic.

It far more effective than many over-the-counter pain reliever medications that are available in the pharmacy.

Oxycontin becomes the biggest Addiction of all time!

OxyContin’s main ingredient is oxycodone, a synthetic opiate that was developed in a German laboratory in 1916.

Then someone discovered that an OxyContin is not just a painkiller, but a hallucinogenic drug.

When it is crushed and snorted, it gives an extended-release mechanism to release the effects immediately and person gets Extremely High.

Buy Oxycodone Online is similar to most other opium derivatives such as heroin, morphine, codeine, methadone that are in wide use as painkillers and in some abuse as drugs.

But while many drugs have Oxycodone , what sets OxyContin apart is that because it works on the time-release principle over a longer period of time, it can contain from 10 to 160 mg of Oxycodone.

From the year 1999 to 2014, nearly 194,000 people died from overdose of oxycontin and other pain killers.

Youth Old Mens and Womens began Addicted to the drugs. With the speed of a rumor, OxyContin and its abuse has replaced crack and cocaine as America’s newest drug trend.

OxyContin related robberies, hold-ups, and deaths have been reported widely all over the country.

What made OxyContin so attractive ?

Unlike the more dangerous street drugs, its use is not illegal.

Many physician were prescribing it for any sort of chronic pain

Addicts were Approaching  Doctor, pretending to have pain and asking for OxyContin.

In the year 2001 doctors wrote more than six million illegal OxyContin prescriptions.

The pill ranked as the 18th best-selling prescription drug prescription drug in the country and the No. 1 painkiller.

Doctors are being arrested for making fake prescription of OxyContin and their Licensed got Banned

What are the best alternative to Oxycontin ?

You can find safe and non addictive alternative in the pharmacy like

Tramadol 100mg

Soma 350mg & 500mg  

Tapentadol 50mg & 100mg