Extreme Pain Killers are Injuries to Health

Extreme Pain Killers are Injuries to Health

Pain killers are nothing but they increases the thresh hold of the body. They just don’t vanish the pain. pain is the common problem in world today. Each and everyone have the complain about any of the body part pain. even three years old kid complain that he have pain in his legs. One must know what is the reason of pain. only injuries, accidents or major diseases are not the reason of pain. there are many other reasons such as deficiency of vitamins, calcium, minerals or proteins.

People have the habit of taking painkillers even for acute pain. person must not take medicines a lot  and that to on their own. One try to bear pain than only take medicines if it is not bearable. One can also try some home remedies instead of being depended on the medicines. Paracetamol, a simple pain killer also have adverse effects on the body when taken on large quantity or used on daily basis.

As it is said, “every coin has two face,” just same every medicines have got its effect but with nasty side effects. Pain killers are such harmful to body, one cannot even imagine. They damages the body parts. If one body gets affected it affects the other. Liver, gets affected a lot, which will affect the heart. This can result in many problems or major heart disorders or even heart attack. Pain killers medicine affects the functioning of kidney, which can lead to kidney stone or dysfunctioning of kidney.

Many medicines have caution that patients of kidney or liver should not use this medicines. Extreme pain killers get deposited in stomach and can cause ulceration of body parts or even can cause cancer. Taking extreme diclo (pain killer) leads to swelling of face, redness of lips, itching all over.  People then suffer a lot. Basically pain killers affect the body a lot. People have psychology that if they take tablets then only they will get rid of pain but it isn’t true. Pain killer must be taken only and only necessary.

Pain killers should be taken only with doctor’s concern. People should not make it a habit. One must try home remedies too. People can also have body massage and feel relax instead of tablets. One must find what is the reason of pain and take medicines accordingly. Tablets are not chocolates or peanuts that one can take whenever feels to have it. God has gifted us with so good body. One must take care of it. People must follow a proper diet and proper pattern of sleep, this can help to improve their health.