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Etizolam has been derived from Thienodiazepine, a Benzodiazepine drug class analog. It has a Thiophene ring instead of a Benzodiazepine ring. It is an approved and prescribed treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and neurosis. It also used as a muscle relaxant, anti-convulsion, and sedative drug. The dose available is Etizolam 1mg. The original manufacturer of this tablet is Intas pharma. Patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia and neurosis are treated with this drug for a short-term.

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 Is Etizolam Legal In usa ?

etizolam legality

Etizolam 1mg drug is known for its powerful therapeutic properties. It is considered legal when used for scientific purposes. It is available in the form of generic research pellets. This effective tranquilizer is safe for treating anxiety and panic disorders. Most pharmacies sell Etizolam 1mg online in Blotters and Pellets form.

The medication is used as a research chemical. It is a powerful sedative drug primarily used to treat anxiety; it is not a commonly prescribed drug because of its addictive nature. It brings in a calming effect on the brain and nerves, making it effective against Insomnia and Anxiety.

Etizolam 1mg can create mild euphoria which is why it is not recognized as a controlled substance worldwide. You can still order Etizolam 1mg online. The drug essentially is a Thienodiazepine and is similar in composition to Benzodiazepines.

What are the Common Uses of Etizolam?

The medicine is generally prescribed for Anxiety and Insomnia owing to its Amnesic, Anxiolytic, Hypnotic, and Skeletal Muscle Relaxant properties. It can also be used to prevent fits. It has a good absorption rate and creates a general sense of well-being, thanks to its therapeutic effects.

What is the Dosage of Etizolam ?

The acceptable doses for the medication range between 0.5mg to 4mg and above. The doses are classified into three categories, namely, Light, Common, and Strong. A Light dose must be within 0.5mg to 1mg, a Common dose ranges between Etizolam 1mg to 2mg and a Strong dose ranges between 2mg to 4mg. While taking the tablets, you need to follow a specified schedule as prescribed by a qualified doctor, without skipping or compensating for a missed dose.

What are the Generic Brands of Etizolam?

There are many Generic Brands of this drug among all are Etizest and Etilaam. These two have a very high demand all over the United States and the UK. These Generic Brands, namely, Etizest and Etilaam are the cheapest brand mainly found in India and Singapore.

What are the Side Effects of Etizolam ?

A feeling of light-headedness or Drowsiness is the most common side effect of the drug. With increased use, stronger side effects including reduced concentration and coordination, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, impulsiveness are often observed.

Side effects originating from Etizolam overdose

etizolam overdose

  • Cognitive impairment
  • Self-destructive behaviour like
  • Aggression
  • Suicidal thoughts

It is also known to cause intense withdrawal symptoms, agitation, and tremors.

What is the Interaction with other Drugs ?

It should not be administered in combination with certain drugs like Depressants, Dissociatives, and Stimulants. Use of the drug in conjunction with Depressants may cause loss of consciousness.

It interacts with Disassociates and induces vomiting during Unconsciousness. This is a dangerous situation and may even result in death by suffocation. The drug combines with Stimulants results in excessive sedation and dehydration.

Abuse and Recovery

The medication contains LD50 and it is present beyond the recommended level. Overdose can trigger suicidal tendencies. It carries a very high risk of dependence and abuse.

Pregnant and Breast-Feeding women and elderly people are strictly advised not to administer the drug. Do not take it when you are drinking alcohol or if you have a history of alcohol abuse.

Where to Buy cheap etizolam in Usa ?

This medication is Prescribed Medication you can only get it with Prescription from your Doctor. You may find Etizolam 1mg online on different websites and there are chances that you may face or get scam deals, so be aware before making an order Online.

Many Scammers pretend to be sellers of Etilaam in USA and do fraud by taking your payment through Bitcoins or money by Wire Transfer and do not deliver.

Where to buy Etizolam from?

If your doctor has prescribed then you would like to buy Etizolam. One option is to buy from the local drugstore; another option is to order online. In either case, you need to ensure that you do not end up buying a counterfeit or a pressed Etilaam tablet. We do not risk our customer’s health at any cost. We ensure that every medicine we dispense to our customers must go through a stringent Quality Assurance check. If we are satisfied that the medicine is meeting all the clinical tests and checklists, only then it is dispensed to our customers.



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