Etizolam tablets

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etilaam-drugstoreplanetBrand name : Etilaam
Ingredient Content : Etizolam
Available Stengths : 1mg
Manufacturer : Intas Pharma

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Etizolam, a powerful sedatory drug is popularly utilised as a research chemical. Primarily used to treat anxiety, it is not commonly prescribed because it can be highly addictive. Etizolam has a calming effect on the brain and nerves, making it effective against Insomnia and Anxiety. Etizolam can create mild euphoria which is why it is not recognized as a controlled substance worldwide. Etizolam is essentially a Thienodiazepine and is similar in composition to Benzodiazepines. It works to alleviate anxiety by creating depression of the Central Nervous System. Etizolam is also an effective muscle relaxant and anti-convulsant medication. Its popularity as a research chemical increased due to its low cost, abundance, and recreational properties.


Etizolam is generally prescribed for Anxiety and Insomnia owing to its Amnesic, Anxiolytic, Hypnotic, and Skeletal Muscle Relaxant properties. It can also be used to prevent fits. It comes in pellet or tablet form and isusually swallowed whole. It has a good absorption rate and creates a general sense of well being thanks to its therapeutic effects.


The acceptable dosage for Etizolam ranges between 0.5 to 4 milligrams and above. The Dosage is classified into three categories namely; Light, Common, and Strong. A Light dose must be within 0.5 to 1 milligram, a Common dosage lies between 1 to 2 milligrams, and a Strong dose varies between 2 to 4 milligrams. While taking Etizolam tablets, follow a specified schedule without skipping or compensating for a missed dose.

Side Effects:

A feeling of light-headedness or Drowsiness is the most common side effect of the Etizolam drug. With increased use, stronger side effects including reduced concentration and coordination, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, and impulsiveness are often observed. Abuse of Etizolam leads to dangerous and life-threatening side effects like cognitive impairment, self-destructive behaviour like aggression and suicidal thoughts. It is also known to cause intense withdrawal symptoms, agitation, and tremors.


Etizolam consumption can prove to be dangerous when used in combination with certain drugs like Depressants, Dissociatives, and Stimulants. When used in conjunction with Depressants, Etizolam causes loss of consciousness. Etizolam interferes with Dissociatives bringing about Vomiting during Unconsciousness. This is a dangerous situation and may even result in death by suffocation. Etizolam combines with Stimulants resulting in excessive sedation and dehydration.


Etizolam contains LD50 which is present beyond the recommended level. Etizolam overdose triggers intentional suicide. The risk of dependence and abuse is high with Etizolam. Pregnant and Breast-Feeding women, and elderly people are strictly advised against the use of Etizolam. Do not take Etizolam when you are drinking alcohol or if you have a history of alcohol abuse.