Does Schedule Drugs Are Available Online For Purchase

Does Schedule Drugs Are Available Online For Purchase

An online pharmacy, internet pharmacy, or mail- order pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates over the internet and sends the order to customers through the mail or shipping companies. Online pharmacy is serving medicines and drugs through internet. It is used to send medicines all over the world. Internet has made life easy. Everything can be at your door steps just a click away. There are many online companies providing medicines with various option for consumers. There were around estimated 2986 online pharmacies operating around the globe, in 2008. Now the number might have increased. Online or E-pharmacy has developed in India also and have great impact on peoples. Online pharmacy has been vogue worldwide for more than 2 decades.

Federal law prohibits buying controlled substance such  as narcotics pain relievers, sedatives, stimulants and anabolic steroids. The drugs which need compulsory prescription are not allowed to buy online. There are companies online which ask the patient to upload the prescription which they study it and then only provide the drugs. There are many online companies which are rogue, they give people lot of discount and many services but not proper medicines. They might supply wrong medicines or generic medicines or something else in the name of drugs.

Often drugs ordered from rogue websites come from foreign countries. It is felony to import drugs and ship top a non- DEA registrant. There are many rules and regulations for online companies which should be followed. One must check each and everything about the company and then only buy drugs online. Buying drugs online may not be illegal, but it is dangerous. Because people run after discounts and savings and services provided but they do not learn about company and then put themselves in trouble.

The American Medical Association and state boards of medicine and pharmacy have all condemned the practice of cyber doctors issuing online prescriptions as unacceptable medical care. Drugs delivered from rogue website may not be the wrong drugs, adulterated or expired but it can be the wrong dosage strength, or have no dosage directions or warnings. DEA is searching all the rogue websites and trying to shut them down and taking precautions for people to stay and informing peoples by various means. There are certain drugs which are classed as scheduled drugs by FDA, it must be taken under doctor’s guidance and in proper dosage and proper time period just to avoid its side effects.

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