Does Generic Medicines are Effective ?

Does Generic Medicines are Effective

Generic medicines are same medicines in all aspects that of any brand name medicines. It can be told that they are the substitute of the higher brands.

These medicines are same in content, safety measures, administration, etc that of any brand medicines. Generic manufacturer, the original pharmaceutical has to pay more than the actual production. Any generic medicine modeled after a brand name medicine perform the same activity in the body, it is trusted by FDA. Generic medicine are manufactured with same active content need for the diseases to be cured as that of brand medicines. The FDA generic drugs program conducts a rigorous review to make certain generic medicines, meet the standards.  These medicines are naturally made with all natural process with low amount of cost. Branded medicines go for various process to reach to local people with the high rates.

There is slight difference in both the type of medicine. Some are absorbed quickly, some are absorbed late according to the human body. This slight difference is accepted by FDA and approved. Brand name medicines might differ in shape, size, colour from that of generic medicine. Trade mark law in the United States do not allow a generic drug or medicine to look alike of brand medicines. This does not effect the performance of the medicines and nothing to worry.  FDA sets certain period of time for generic medicines to be available after a rigorous review. This is because new drugs are usually protected by the patents and prohibits other companies from making the same products and selling the copies of same drug.

FDA also allow certain period of time of marketing to brand name drugs that can help the generic medicines. Generic medicines cost to tend less than that of  brand name companies because they do not need to do experiment on animals or others. This is already done by the brand companies. That is why the application is called “abbreviated new drug application”. There is lot of competition between the generic medicines and brand medicines.

Generic medicines are safe and cost less so it is easy for the people who can not afford to buy costly medicines. Multiple generic companies are approved to market single product, typically in lower price according to the brand companies, these are sold 80 to 85% less.  According to the IMS health institute, generic drugs saved the U.S. health care system $ 1.67 trillion from 2007 to 2016.