Does Clenbuterol Really Helps in Loosing Weight

Does Clenbuterol Really Helps in Loosing Weight

Clenbuterol falls in the group of drugs known as Beta-2-Agonists. Clenbuterol is similar to stimulant drugs i.e. increases heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration. Such as adrenalin and Amphetamines. Clenbutoral was initially used as Bronchodilator, for the treatment of Asthma.

Clenbuterol, has the property of Catabolic i.e. fat loss and Anabolic i.e. skeletal muscle. It does not directly burn fat tissues but it increases the body temperature which directly stimulates metabolism. Beta-2 effects the power house of cell i.e. mitochondria to produce more heat and release fat. In this way it helps to burn fat at greater rate and which ultimately helps in loosing weight. it was discovered by Hollywood and declared it as “Slimming pills”. It is commonly used by Hollywood actors, athletics. According to serve, it has helped many of the Hollywood Elite for zero size figure. It is weight loss “Drug of choice” for celebrities. Nowadays even women use it for getting slim quickly. It is also known as ‘Clen’  or ‘Zero size pills’.

Clenbuterol should be used in proper dosage that too only for two weeks. It can’t be used more and also has proper dosage for men and women respectively. FDA never approved Clenbuterol. Is is banned in US. however, in UK, Europe and other countries it is sold illegally. In some countries, it is used for the treatment of animals. Mainly Horse, to cure Asthma. Although not approved by FDA, used and sold illegally on large scale.

Clenbuterol has many side effects such as insomnia, high blood pressure, nausea, shaking of hands, numbness, muscles cramp,etc. Athletics mostly have cramps due  to their tough and intense training which they are taking on daily basis. Sleep is must for every individual, if one is not getting proper sleep will face many problems such as irritation, headache, etc. This is insomnia. High blood pressure can increase person’s heart rate and may also have Cardiac disorder or Heart attack which can be fatal. It also shows affects in weird feelings which give rise to Anxiety, depression or mental disorders. Clenbuterol will affect everyone in one way or other.

Clen is not supplement it is stimulant. Initially clen shows effect on Slimming body later the Thermogenic effects fade away or Vanish. People in today’s world run for getting slim. But forget getting Slim is not important. Staying fit is important.