Does Ambien Is Used For Addiction

Does Ambien Is Used For Addiction

Ambien is the brand name of Zolpidem. It is a sedative which is primarily used to maintain sleep or insomnia. It is actually alternative to the drugs with heavy doses. It is short acting non-benzodiazepine i.e. It doesn’t contain benzodiazepine like valium.

Ambien is usually prescribed by the doctors for inducing sleep. It acts as soon as it is taken. It should be taken just before the bed time. Taking before an hour or half can cause it effect in negative way i.e. sleep vanish. It should be taken in proper dose and not more then twice a week, if it is abused for its euphoric properties or continue taking then need to depend on the medicine forever. Person actually gets addicted to it. It is safe drug but person’s body develop tendency for it. It responds initially according to prescribed dose later it effects vanish because body develops it’s tendency. It helps for inciting or maintains sleep. Its half life is two or three hours. Even teens are using it and abusing without knowing the side effects.

Ambien taken by anyone can be addicted. It slows down the brain activities and further effects on central nervous system. Taking it can cause effects such as numbness, dizziness, doing activities in sleep, nausea, somnambulism i.e. sleep walking. Memory loss, doing activities unknowingly, co-ordination problems.

Ambien abuse i.e. overdose can lead to unsuccessful attempts to cut down or cease use. Overdose can be an accidental consequence of trying to achieve more high tolerance to the drug. In long term period, can cause slow breathing rate which will affect lungs and ultimately to heart. It also decreases heart rate which leads to Bradycardia which is fatal and can lead to death. As it slows down the activity of central nervous system, at the peak can lead one to undergo comma situation. It causes agitation and irritability. The urge of sex increases. The drug which is used for sleeping, overdose can cause insomnia due to body have attained the tendency. It is drug, which person get the carvings for it.

The National Survey on Drug use and Health (NSDUH) estimated that more than twenty-five thousand people were using ambient and other sedatives in 2013.according to the report of DAWN, emergency cases increased from 6111 in 2005 to over 19000 in 2010, due to use of sedatives. Many people were admitted for the use of other drugs with ambient, which was dangerous. Age group of above 60 mostly uses theses drugs. Stay tension free and drug free.

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