Clonazepam Is The Best Brain Relaxer

Clonazepam Is The Best Brain Relaxer

Clonazepam is a Benzodiazepine. It affects the receptors in the brain. It is used for the disorders of brain. It balances the chemicals in the brain. It is used to cure panic attacks, seizures disorder (including absence seizures or Zennox-Gastant Syndrome) in adults and children’s too.

Clonazepam cannot be used if the narrow- angle glaucoma or severe liver diseases and also if allergic to Valium. It cannot be taken without prescription. Should be taken in prescribed dose and under the guidance of doctor. While taking clonazepam, one must avoid intake of alcohol. Pregnant or breast feeding lady should not take this kind of drug, it may cause harm to fetal and child respectively. It can also be used for Restless legs syndrome as a third-line treatment. It is treatment of acute and chronic akathisia. Many form of Parasomnia can also be treated.

Clonazepam should not be used for more than nine weeks. It is habit-forming i.e. person gets addicted. It mainly slowdowns the activity of brain and make person feels sleepy. The side effects of clonazepam are upper resperiratory infection, blocking of nose, dizziness, feeling of suicide, etc. Overdose of these drugs can cause changes in behavior, anxiety, trouble sleeping, feeling impulsive, restless; hyperactivity may be mentally or physically, hallucinations, unusual or involuntary movements.

Dosage for seizures in adults is 1.5mg orally per day to be taken in three parts and can be increased 0.5 mg to 1mg every three days. Maximum dosage in a day can be up to 20mg. dosage for panic disorders initially should be 0.25mg twice a day and then can be maintained at 1mg per day. Maximum dosage can be upto 4mg per day should be taken in two parts. Using multiple anticonvulsants can result in to adverse effects of depression. An increase to the target dose for patients of 1mg per can be done after 3 days. Dosage for children up to 10 years or 30 kg can be 0.01mg per kg per day to 0.05mg. Taking other medicine which help for sleeping or inducing sleep can cause slow breathing, which will lead to slow down heart rate and will lead to multiple heart disorders or even heart attack, which can be fatal. With these types of drug one should avoid intake of cough syrups ,muscle relaxer anxiety drugs. The combination with these drugs can react and can be fatal to the body parts and can lead to death.

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