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drugstoreplanet carisoprodolBrand name : Pain O Soma
Ingredient Content : Carisoprodol
Available Stengths : 350mg and 500mg 
Manufacturer : HAB PHARMA

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Carisoprodol is a prescription drug and is essentially a muscle relaxant. When combined with physical therapy and other relaxation techniques, it works as effective pain relief. Carisoprodol is sold under the brand name Somadriland is a controlled substance in some countries especially the United States. Somadrilcome in doses of 250 or 350 milligrams as white tablets. Carisoprodol works by numbing pain sensations and preventing communication between nerves. Carisoprodol oral tablets are generally prescribed 4 times a day depending on the condition and the body’s response.

Carisoprodol is known to cause headache and dizziness on consumption but if serious problems such as skin reactions, seizures, and paralysis occur; emergency medical care is highly recommended. By keeping track of all medication, supplements, or vitamin intake with Carisoprodol, you eliminate the possibility of dangerous interactions. Sleep or Anxiety medications, Analgesics, and Nerve medications are known to adversely interact with Carisoprodol.

Common Uses of Carisoprodol

Sprains and Muscular Injuries are generally prescribed with Carisoprodol. Short-term muscular discomfort can be easily alleviated with Carisoprodol. It is less effective as a standalone treatment compared to when combined with adequate rest and alternate pain relief methods. Carisoprodol has excellent Analgesic and Anxiolytic properties. It also creates Euphoria and Drowsiness and can be used to treat Erectile Hyperfunction. Muscle Spasms and acute musculoskeletal disorders that generally last for a few weeks can be easily and effectively treated with Carisoprodol.

Precautions necessary while Consuming Carisoprodol

Somadril Tablets cause sedation and must not be consumed if you wish to retain your cognitive abilities for performing hazardous or seemingly important tasks. Somadril Abuse, Dependence, and Withdrawal is prevalent which is why one must exercise caution with dosage. Individuals suffering from various health conditions, pregnant and nursing mothers, elderly people, and children must be wary of this drug and must obtain professional medical counselling before consuming Carisoprodol. Overdosing on Carisoprodol may cause seizures, Hypotension, or Respiratory Depression and may prove to be life-threatening. Carisoprodol is also not recommended for adolescents below 16 years of age.

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