Can Asthma Ever Leads to Depression ?

Can Asthma lead to Depression

Asthma is bronchoritis disorder. People get high breathing rate and whizzing sound. Asthma is also a heridatory diseases. It is a chronic airways diseases. More than 22 million people are affected in U.S. These kind of patients have high risk of developing depression, anxiety, panic disorders. Not only asthma patient but also patients of heart diseases and diabetes face this problem.

According to the studies, depression due to these diseases in USA there are many people affected 12.7% men and 21.3% women are affected. Depression with its feeling of sadness and loneliness it is most commonly diagonesed mental disorder. People think over and over on certain things and make their brain disturbed. They develop the habit and then leads to many brain disorders.

Patients with such kind of diseases are already physically disturbed. They have got lot of health issues or if they wish to go somewhere, they are so lethargic that they can’t go anywhere. Sitting inside the house with no social life or taking fresh air. They become frusted and lonely. They start thinking on things. Even negative thoughts take place become they have no other work to do  or think on it. It is like “empty mind, house to devid.” And then they develop the habit of thinking and leads to depression.

Even medicines they are taking of asthma makes the mind depressed long use of any medicines can cause depression and also many other harms to body. But asthma patients can’t avoid the medicines it need to be taken. Therefore for such patients the risk increases of developing depression than normal people.

Patients must also try some home remedies and do some yoga. People must follow a proper diet which is given by doctor. Should  not eat the things which are not  good for  them. Mostly food such as cold fruits for example banana, guava, grapes, etc. people must avoid going in cold places or should protect themselves with thermal clothes. People around these patients must take care of them physically as well as emotionally. This can help the patient to over come their diseases and can also protect from depression.

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