Buying Pain Killers Online Without Prescription

Buying Pain Killers Online Without Prescription

Pain killers or Analgesic are the basic need of today’s human being. Everyone in today’s lifestyle have got some or the other pain. Painkillers doesn’t vanish pain. It just increases the threshold of the body to bear pain. Pain killers vary with their different molecular formula and content. Higher level to basic paracetmol.

Buying pain killers that too online without prescription is dangerous because local people doesn’t know the content of the medicine. There are content which can be allergic to some people such as Diclo, it causes redness in whole body, itching, swelling of lips, there are many other contents which show different kind of allergies. Taking pain killers for long time is not good for health.

Advantages are getting medicines at doorstep without going anywhere or having prescription. Just place order and get it with good amount of discount and option of cash on delivery.

Some online companies are not U.S. State licensed and which can answer all the questions. Companies will send many mails or spam offering cheap medicines. The medicine what are sold by them might have too much or too little active content. What is required for the cure of diseases. Medicines might not even contain the right active content. Might contain the wrong or harmful contents. The active content is what makes the medicine beneficial for diseases. If the content is unknown can have unexpected interaction with other medicine taken. Which can have adverse effects on health or serious allergic reactions.

Online companies give large amount of discounts but never thought how it is possible for them after providing so many facilities. Companies which are not registered in U.S. or FDA can be illegal. Over 90% online companies are not in complained with FDA and are selling counterfeit painkillers. According to the report, 16 Americans were died due to counterfeit painkillers.

Online companies give the option of payment from cards i.e. Credit, Debit cards, which can be easily hacked and they can have the details of the card and can be misused without person knowing it. There are many scams of credit cards or bank account details. They ask for all possible details which can be used by them. Even computers are hacked and information can be easily accessed and use in negative field. It may have adverse effects on many fields. Today have started using online option just to save energy, time and money but forget which can curse in all aspects.