Ban of tramadol in foreign countries

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Ban of tramadol in foreign countries

Tramadol is declared a psychotropic Substance.

Tramadol is popular prescription medication for treating moderate to moderately severe pain. The drug has been declared a “psychotropic Substance”.
It is like other opiates, that stimulates brain opioid receptors but it also increases brain serotonin levels
It is not a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is why it doesn’t have the increased Risk of stomach ulcer and any kind of Bleeding that happens during NSAID


Positive Uses of Tramadol.

Doctor Prescribed this Medications to manage Moderate pain to severe pain
Extended Release Dosage like 200mg and 225mg is used to treat moderately severe pain in person Who Requires it for long Period of time
It should not be given to the Children below 12 years of age at any circumstances
The dosage is based on Patients medical condition and response rate.
Tramadol work best if they are used as the first signs of pain occur. If you wait until the pain has worsened, the medication may not work as well and that will make you a habbit to temporary fix the pain
Keeping the Risk Factor in mind, doctor will only Prescribe lower dosage initially and gradually increase your dose that too after seeing your medical conditions because Patients taking Tramadol may abuse the drug and become addicted to it.


Why the Ban has put on Tramadol in most of the foreign Countries?

Most of the country Had put the ban of Tramadol because of the underground manufacturer abuse the Drug by making it Sugar Coated and it has also been seen that pills which is manufactured by them contains some amount of toxic ingredient which makes sure addicted to it and also affect the body of the user at a very great Extent.And this Fake Manufacturer is not even approved by FDA.

All the work is done in such a way that officials of the countries don’t even know what going out there.

This works are done is small scale so that no official can track them they usually Run their work from Rural area which isn’t developed .
That is why officials make this lower Dosage of the Drug legal for pharmacy and give a license to some of the Manufacturer who works properly with all the proper documentation and billings.

And the second important reason to ban Tramadol, Government always takes care of its citizen as this Drug causes addiction and Even Students as young as 15 years of age take this drug abusing it for the narcotic-like effects.

And many die due to overdose that country had to ban Tramadol for its citizen Safety

Therefore Only License Pharmacy are given Tramadol of Lower Dosage stock is also given in the lower Quantity that is taken care by Drug inspector or FDA who Regularly check the pharmacy records.

This pharmacy Carry Tramadol that is Given with Prescription they sometime follow the Doctor Who writes the Prescription.