Ativan (Lorazepam)

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Brand name : Ativan
Ingredient Content : Lorazepam
Available Stengths : 1mg and 2mg
Manufacturer : P’Fizer







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Ativan was originally manufactured by P’ Fizer in United States containing lorazepam and currently the
manufacturing is being done in several countries. lorazepam is an Anti anxiety medicine and several
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Is it legal to buy ativan in United States

Ativan is being one of the consistent drug to be sold across the globe, This is used to treat anxiety and works great. Lorazepam is legal to buy in United states with valid prescription provide by your doctor and you can easily visit your nearest local pharmacy and purchase from the counter.

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What is the difference between the brand and generic Ativan

Lot of people may consider that the branded medications are more effective as compared to the generic ones, it might be true in some cases but the major difference is the price. Brand name ativan manufactured by P’ Fizer are being sold at a very high cost but there are few other companies who manufacture Generic lorazepam with high quality. you can purchase Generic or brand Lorazepam at a very cheaper price with a valid prescription