Asian Countries Produces Counterfiet of Pain Medications

Asian Countries Produces Counterfiet of Pain Medications

Counterfeit medicines are nothing but alternatives of the medicines which are available at cheaper rate. They are also known as generic medicines. Asian countries are developing nations. People residing here are not so rich or well developed that they can afford to spend their half of the salary on the medicines. Therefore Asian countries manufactures generic or counterfeit medicines. So it can help the people and also helps the economy of the country.

Generic medicines have same content that of medicines. They are cheaper due to quality ingredient or they are not tested. So the amount gets reduce. No one knows what active ingredient does the drug contains. The active ingredient required to cure the diseases is present or not. Generic or counterfeit drugs are not all approved by FDA. Some are approved. These drugs are banned in the states of USA.

People run after cheaper medicines but don’t know the actual content of the drugs. The medicinal properties required to cure the diseases are actually present or not. They might be present in very small amount. It may contain the content which may be harmful to body. Medicines before supplying to the public should be checked by all safety process. There are many drugs which causes much harm to the body.

Medicines such as fentanyl, xanax, onax,etc are pain killers. They are generic or counterfeit drugs which are supplied by asian countries. All the counterfeit drugs are not dangerous. Some are good. Which can help people to cure and also save money. Indirectly helps in economy of the country. Such drugs are also approved by FDA. People must check the medicines and also concern doctor before taking any medicines. Generic medicines are good and can also be taken.

Many of the counterfeit medicines are harmful and are also banned. There are many illegal websites providing such drugs with huge amount of discount. People must check about the company and also medicines before buying them. Taking any medicines without doctors concern may harm and damage body parts. Which can be fatal and also threaten for life. Life is precious gift should used in the best way. Asian countries produces all types of medicines and its generic so whatever people can afford can buy that. Long term use of any pain killers can be harmful and can damage the vital organs or can even lead to death. One must take care of health and also do some exercise or try some home remedies instead depending only on medicines.