Anxiety Disorder– How To Cope With Anxiety ?

Anxiety Disorder– How To Cope With Anxiety

Everyone has their own system of coping with things. Be it an examination or any mental problems; not every trick works on everyone. And when the question comes to anxiety, it becomes even trickier to answer it in a simple way. Coping with anxiety is not easy. Anxiety crushes your soul, eats up all your concentration and takes away your confidence which leaves you with nothing to cope with. However, let’s not be hopeless here. We have some suggestions in our head that will surely help you with anxiety. So, do not think, just follow us!


Anxiety has different steps- The coping procedure with yourself only works for those anxiety disorders that are still at an early stage. And the first coping procedure surely starts with questioning yourself. Anxiety disorder is a mental health issue and the only weapon to destroy it is with your mind. So, what are the questions that you should be asking?

  1. Is your worry reasonable? – First, you have to ask yourself whether your worry is reasonable or not. How to do that? Well, let me give you an example– I live in a city where an earthquake is least likely to happen. Still, whenever I read any news regarding earthquake, I start to panic. That is the example of a worry, completely unreasonable.
  2. What is the effect? – Do your excessive worries have any end? Or do you’re likely to get any permanent solution from worrying this much? So, stop thinking about it. Just chant the sentence, “I should not worry about something I cannot do anything about.”
  3. Does a true problem even exist? – As I have given about the example of an earthquake before, you need to ask yourself whether there exists a true problem. If your problem is just as irrelevant as the earthquake example, you need to stop and think again. It would be better if you write it down.

If the above three questions can help you calm your mind, it’s good. And if it cannot, there’s nothing to be worried about. Only a set of the questionnaire cannot help an anxiety disorder to pass; you need a different set of coping strategies as well.


  • Time-out– Whenever you feel an anxiety attack swallowing you up, take a time-out. Do a little yoga or meditate, listen to music or get spa done.
  • Well-balanced meals– Everyday eat a well-balanced meal with a healthy breakfast.
  • No alcohol or caffeine– Alcohol and caffeine can make your anxiety even worse, and they can trigger it as well. So, absolutely no!
  • Sleep a lot– Insomnia comes with anxiety. But whenever you feel a little sleepy, take a good nap immediately.
  • Deep breaths– Taking long and deep breaths help a lot during anxiety attacks.
  • Humour up– Watch lots of funny comedy shows, movies or TV series. Nothing can heal anxiety than a good laugh.
  • Point out the trigger– Learn what triggers your anxiety. Is it work, family or your relationship with your boyfriend or any friend? Try to stay out of it.
  • Accept– Anxiety is not your fault. So accept it and try to keep a good positive attitude.
  • Talk it out– Talk about your problems with someone whom you believe the most.


And if someone blames you for your anxiety disorder, you have every right to punch them in the face! Always remember, it is not your fault, and it is not easy to deal with. But if you religiously follow the above rules, you will surely rule anxiety out of your mind equation!

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