All You Need To Know About Anxiety

All You Need To Know About Anxiety

What Is Anxiety ?

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress.Ongoing anxiety ,though , may be the result of disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder. Anti Anxiety drugs  are commonplace in the U.S affecting nearly 40 million adults. Anxiety manifest itself in multiple ways and does not discriminate by age ,gender, or race. Stressful events such as a test or job interview can make anyone feel a bit anxious.And sometime, a little worry or anxiety is helpful. It can help you get ready for an upcoming situation.

In life everyone goes through Anxiety from Time to time . This is seen both in Adult and Childrens. Mostly it is seen Felling of Anxiety comes and go after Certain  span of time. some people have the feelings of Anxiety for a longer time than others, Many people Suffering from Anxiety experience multiple anxiety condition it is very important to take action on it, in the early stage, if avoided then it can take over your life

Generalised anxiety disorder

People Overthink on certain things A person Becomes very eager or concerned to do something or for something to happen , for couple of months .

Social anxiety disorder

An individual has a serious fear of being  humiliated or embarrassed, even in regular circumstances, for example, talking freely, eating in broad daylight, being emphatic at work or making casual conversation people blame themselves for the wrong done by others.

Specific Phobia

A person Feels fear of a specific object or situation. High mountains High Buildings or Crowded spots , may make one  somewhat uneasy or even terrified.  They  may attempt to maintain a strategic distance from things that make them  awkward. A person who has a phobia usually feels safe in his day-to-day life, if he successfully avoids the object or situation that scares him Fears of becoming contaminated by direct physical contact with a dirty/dangerous object.

Panic disorders

A man has panic assaults, which are exceptional and regularly wild sentiments of tension. It  involve sudden feelings of terror . People experiencing a panic attack may think they will have heart  attack or they gonna die soon, They go through Breathing problems , Feeling a loss of control ,Chest pains , Feeling sweaty.